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    The Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper is delicate and it deserves to be treated with love and care.  In this week's blog we're going to discuss the DO's & DON'Ts of how to preserve your stamper and make it last.

    DO store your Clear Jelly Stamper with the lid on. This will keep it free of dirt and
    dust and prevent it from getting torn. 
    DO store extra Jellies in their original packaging until they are ready to use or in
    the extra holding area in your stamper.
    DON'T throw your Clear Jelly Stamper in a drawer without being covered.

    If you are finding that you cannot pick up images with your stamper, please 
    DON'T wipe or buff it.  Picking up images has everything to do with pressure and
    technique and nothing to do with the jelly itself. There is information out there that
    tells you to buff it with a file or wipe it with acetone.  That might be the case with 
    other stampers but not the Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper. Doing that to our
    stamper will tear it or make it cloudy and if it's cloudy, it no longer works like it
    should. That would defeat the purpose of being able to see through your stamper
    to see where you're stamping.

    When stamping, DO take care with the amount of pressure you use when
    you roll your stamper over the image on our layered stamping plates and
    especially when you're pressing the stamper onto the nail.  Squishing the
    jelly stamper into the plate or pressing it down too hard onto the nail, can
    cause it to tear.  It will still work but it could affect the image slightly. 

    The last point to make is how to clean your stamper in between designs and after
    you're done stamping. Our Sticky Pad was designed to work as an easy, quick and effective way to keep your stamper clean. The Sticky Pad completely cleans the Jelly Stamper of stamping polish, dust and lint by simply pressing down onto the sticky paper. 

    I hope you found this information to be helpful! If you ever have any
    questions at all, please feel free to contact us. We are always here 
    to help and we want you to have much success with your Clear Jelly
    Stamper. Please check out our Instagram @clearjellystamper for 
    stamping ideas and tag us in your IG for a chance to be featured!
    Happy Stamping my friends!!!



    It is the time of year where the leaves have all fallen off the trees and a beautiful amount of snow covers everything like a frosty, white, cozy blanket. It leaves us thinking about decorating for the upcoming holiday season. This week's look was inspired by different shades of blue Christmas ornaments. We chose Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plate CjS C-38 Merry Chrismouse, CjS stamping polish colours #01, #02, #27, #32, #37 & #45. KoKo&Claire gel polish colours used for the base colours are #16, #27, #48 & #68.

    Nail #1

    The KoKo&Claire colour used is #48 Ocean View.  We stamped the full coverage tree design using #01 for the trees and #02 for the snow. Then we stamped one of the mice in the middle of the nail using #45 for the body, #27 for the ear and #01 for the finishing outline.  Then we stamped the words "So Cute" once with #02 and again with #01 slightly off from the original stamp to give it depth. Top coat with KoKo& Claire's Shine.

    Nail #2

    The KoKo&Claire gel polish colour used for this nail is #68 Echo Park. We chose a few random designs for this nail. The mouse's body was stamped using stamping polish #45, accented with #32 and outline stamped with #01. The fir tree was stamped with #01 first and then again with #02 just off centre for depth and the christmas balls stamped with #32. The heart was stamped with #02 & #37.  We finished off this nail with stamping the CjS logo using #02.  Every stamping plate has the Clear Jelly Logo etched into it. Top Coat with Shine & cure.

    Nail #3

    This nail is our favorite because the mice on this stamping plate are so adorable! We used KoKo&Claire gel polish #27 Wings Of An Angel. We started with the full nail design of the gift boxes by stamping the first layer (boxes) with stamping polish #27 and then stamping the second outlining layer using #01.  Each mouse was stamped with stamping polish #45 and the outlines with #01.  So Cute!!!

    Nail #4

    This nail was designed using KoKo&Claire gel polish colour #16 Sail the 7 Seas for the base colour. Then we stamped the floating mouse & "little mouse" with stamping polish #45, balloons and the word "Christmouse" with #27 and the outline with #01.

    The completed set is just so darn cute. How can anybody not love this stamping plate? The wonderful thing about stamping and layered stamping is you can allow your imagination to create so many different looks. Clear Jelly Stamper offers any technician, no matter their level of experience, the ability to create amazing nail art.  We would love to see what you create so please tag us on Instagram @clearjellystamper.  Happy Stamping My Friends!!!



    We are going to go over the most common challenges that Clear Jelly Stamper users experience.

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carrie Johnson and I am a CjS Lead Educator and, now, the Wholesale Sales Rep for CjS. My main goal is to insure that every person out there using CjS is happily stamping without frustration. I recently had the opportunity to demo our product this last weekend at an Open House at one of our Distributors in Edmonton, AB. As people sat down at my desk, I asked every one of them the same question...”Is there anything you are having issues with?” Every single one of them had at least one. These were the most common issues:

    1) I can’t seem to pick up fine images.

    * Make sure your stamping plate is completely clean and dry before applying stamping polish.
    * Apply your stamping polish in one direction and scrape it off the stamping plate in the opposite direction. This will guarantee you have stamping polish in every part of the image.
    * Pressure and angles are very important with stamping. You will pick up images much more successfully if you use a feathery, rolling motion over your image. If you use too much pressure or press straight down, you’re likely to not pick it up cleanly.

    Side note: Your Clear Jelly Stamper is delicate so using too much pressure picking up the image or pressing it down on the nail, can cause a tear in the jelly. Be tender with the Jelly

    2) Sometimes part of the background is missing after I scrape the stamping polish off.


    * Make sure you are stamping on a hard surface. Stamping on a manicure pad or sponge will unable you to hold the plate flat.
    * Hold your stamping plate down with one hand while you scrape with the other. The large plates don’t sit completely flat so if you don’t push it down while you’re scraping the polish, the center of your image will likely be missing.
    * Be sure to apply a sufficient amount of stamping polish. Not applying enough stamping polish will dry it out too quickly and it won’t pick up.
    * Hold your scraper at a 45 degree angle when scraping off the stamping polish. Holding it straight up perpendicular to the plate, will cause you to scrape too much off.

    3) Part of the outline, words, etc don’t pick up.

    * Make sure your plate is clean and dry. If you don’t have a squeaky clean plate, there might be dried stamping polish in the image already. The new stamping polish can’t get in there.
    * Scrape in the opposite direction as you applied the stamping polish to make sure there is polish in every crevice.
    * You don’t have to be super speedy but you don’t want to wait too long or the stamping polish will dry out and can’t be picked up.
    * Have everything prepared and ready to go so that you’re not wasting time looking for things.

    4) My gel topcoat pulls away from the image.

    * The Clear Jelly Stamper leaves a bit of a residue on the nail so it can cause gel to pull away and leave pockets. To avoid this, take a dry wipe and scrub the nail after you’ve stamped it. The image is dry so it’s not going to go anywhere. This will remove the residue and BAM! ..success! I just recently learned this trick from the awesome @chrissiepearcenails and it changed my world.

    5) My stamping smears when I put my topcoat on.

    * If you’re using nail polish, use our “Smear Not” topcoat. It was designed to work well with our stamping polish.
    * If you’re using gel, it’s about pressure. Don’t brush the gel on. Do more of a floating action to cover the image.

    6) When I scrape the stamping polish off, it leaves a lot of streaks.

    * Depending on the intensity of the streaks, the Clear Jelly Stamper won’t pick up the streaks. If the streaks are drastic, then it’s likely you needed to condition your scraper before you used it.

    Side note:
    The scrapers are machine cut so if you don’t file or buff the edges, there will be little tiny jagged pieces that will affect your scraping.

    The Clear Jelly Stamper family is always here to help you whether it be myself, Debbie, the awesome people at Head Office or all of our current, wonderful users. Ask us anything!! I hope these pointers helped you and give you lots of stamping success. Happy stamping my friends!!!

    Hey BOO-tiful

    Hey BOO-tiful

    With only one more week to go until Halloween, we thought we would spread more of the spooky stuff. We have pulled some of the Halloween pictures from our Clear Jelly Stamper users on Instagram to help inspire you to create some of those looks.

    This awesome set of Halloween nails was provided by @sandyvair using stamping plate number CjSH-37 Creepy Hollow along with stamping polishes #1 and #2.

    This fun set was done by @tanyasemaeva using stamping plate CjSH-39 Bad to the Bone along with stamping polishes #1 and #2.

    Omg could this set be any cuter done by @kimberleykitty?! Stamping plate used was CjSH-42 Trick or Creeping along with polishes #1, #20, #28 and #34.

    Ooooo there’s something about skeletons and skulls that really bring creepy to life. This set was done by @kandeenails using stamping plate CjSH-39 Bad to the Bone along with stamping polish #1, #2 and #5.

    And to draw conclusion to our Halloween shares, let’s applaud this adorable set done by @cedriscnails using stamping plate CjSH-21 & CjSH-24 along with stamping polish #1 and #12.

    A huge thank you to everyone who uses The Original Clear Jelly Stamper and constantly sharing your talents. We appreciate the support of each and every one of you. Please continue to share the CjS love to get the chance to have your creations featured in our blog.

    If you don’t have any Clear Jelly Stamping products at your desk then you should seriously think about Trick or Treating yo’ self to some! Because why not use it on your clients and Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.

    Eat, drink and be scary & Creep it real peeps. 🎃💀👻

    Happy stamping my friends!!



    In this week’s blog, we’re going to focus on a design that was posted in a video on Instagram by @nails_bychels. This video has gone viral with over 3 million views. I think that calls for a special congratulations to this wonderful Clear Jelly user!

    First step is to always prep the natural nail by lightly buffing off the shine. Wipe the nail free of dust and then apply a quick dry polish or KoKo and Claire gel polish and cure. Clear Jelly Stamps apply best to a smooth surface.

    In this design, an ombré look was achieved by painting 3 separate shades of purple in a line on a makeup sponge and pressing it down onto the nail. She first applied “Protect” around the nail on the skin to easily remove the excess. You would use a different method to ombré if you were using gel.

    Once you have sponged the polish onto the nail, allow it to dry completely before starting your nail stamping. You can use Clear Jelly’s stamping polishes to achieve this look as well. They’re highly pigmented and dry relatively quickly.

    In this design, she applied a light sparkle top coat to mimic a starry sky. It’s simply beautiful!! A great recommendation is to use KoKo and Claire’s #081 Fizz.

    The Clear Jelly Stamping plate used in this design is “Creepy Hollow” CJS-H-37.

    She stamped the haunted house using CjS stamping polish #01 More Like 1AM.

    Then, lining the windows up, she stamped them with #02 Jenny’s Gonna Love It.

    Then finish them up with a yellow to complete this design. You can use CjS stamping polish #08 You Are My Sunshine.

    And that completes this beautiful mani by @nails_bychels that she has titled “Gradient Graveyard”. If you want to see the video, simply go to our Instagram account @clearjellystamper and check it out. It’s hard not to watch it a few times!!

    I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween and stay safe from all the little goblins out there. HAPPY HALLOWEEN and happy stamping my friends!