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Pretty in Pink Box
  • $74.00
  • $49.95
(CjS-XL-FIVE) Steel Nail Art Stamping Plate
  • $14.95

Stunning Koko & Claire Gel Polishes

Sea Glass Collection

0545 - Redondo Beach
  • $18.00
0549 - KoKo Beach
  • $18.00
0548 - Mali-Blue
  • $18.00
0547 - Calabasas
  • $18.00
0546 - Waikiki
  • $18.00
0544 - Beach Glass
  • $18.00
0543 - Harbour Island
  • $18.00

Now Available in Store!

Dragon Love (CjS-347) Steel Nail Art Layered Stamping Plate
  • $14.95
Wing It - Butterfly(CjS-348) Steel Nail Art Layered Stamping Plate
  • $14.95
Sweet Stems (CjS-352) Steel Nail Art Layered Stamping Plate
  • $6.00
Take Your Pick (CjS-353) Steel Nail Art Layered Stamping Plate
  • $6.00
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Layered plates are the best invention in the world of nail art



This plate is so adorable! I just LOVE the layered Leprechaun!

CjSH-14 (The Luck of the Irish)

Lucie Winsky


These polishes are so pretty and delicate - very like the Angelic White polish #034 - but nowhere near as sheer as the Colour-Shifting range. They show up best against darker backgrounds, but they have good coverage. Over pale backgrounds the effect is much more subtle, but still very pretty. I love them!

Stamping Polish Kit - Angelic Tint (5 colors)



I received this set in the Secret Admirer box. It is FABULOUS! It has a brush for everything, and I love the case to keep everything together and clean. The brushes are high quality, and I see myself loving them for a very long time. Highly recommend!

Ultimate Brush Set (5pcs)


Oh Debbie!!! You have changed my life!!!! I want to order a lot but I have to wait for payday. You have taught ME HOW TO STAMP AND HVE GREAT PLATES. Love your company and you the most. Your great!!!


Great Video. I am obsessed with all of your products. Everything I have ordered from the Clear Jelly Stamper is absolutely 100% wonderfully awesome. An I have ordered a lot lol. Once you start you just can't get enough.


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