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Angelic Christmas Wonderland (CjS-C09)  - Steel Stamping Plate
Small Stamping Plates

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Big Bling Custom Kit - Jelly Stamper, Replacement Jelly & 4 - 6x6 Steel Stamping Plates
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0151 - Fuzzy Duckling
New Arrivals

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0114 - Snowflake
Winter Collection

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Customer Testimonials

I LOVE IT!!! (Big Bling Stamper) Perfect pick up every time. You have done a great job with this one!

Chris (Facebook)

I am thrilled with my Big Bling Stamper. Visibility is fantastic and it has enabled me to stamp designs not previously possible for me. I managed a coloured french tip with accent silver beading along the tip edge and additional flower decoration. It is also soft enough for the high c curve on my nails. I am absolutely delighted.

Louise J (Facebook)

Congratulations on an EPIC idea!!

Brittany (Uber Chic)

I love your products. Keep up the great work and most appreciated customer service!

Mary (Facebook Writers)

I have ordered from CJS before and I absolutely LOVE my stamper and my plates. You have a wonderful versatile product that makes nail art super easy and accessible for home users like myself. I love that you also partner with nail artists in the field to design products as well.

The attention to detail and quality of your products is obvious and much appreciated!! Not to mention fabulous customer service :)

Keep up the great work!!

Alison (Email)
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Are you frustrated and struggling to lift fine images with your clear stamper? We got you!
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The Original Clear Jelly Stamper

Clear Jelly Stamper is the inventor of both clear nail stampers and layerable nail stamping plates.

Create stunning nail art with the authentic Clear Jelly Stamper. No more guesswork or misplaced nail stamps - just beautiful results. With Clear Jelly Stamper, you can transfer images from a stamping plate to nails in seconds. The innovative clear design allows you to see where you stamp, making it easy to layer to build intricate designs. Bring your vision to life and become an artist with Clear Jelly Stamper. You’ll get the perfect pick-up on every image using our stainless steel stamping plates. Choose from a variety of stamping plate collections and sizes, or customize a bundle. Be inspired to create and share your creations with the Clear Jelly Stamper. Learn more about the invention of the original Clear Jelly Stamper. Follow us on Instagram to get inspired! #seewhereyoustamp

What is a Jelly Stamper?

New Here? Start with our Frequently Asked Questions!

The Clear Jelly Stamper is different from any other stamper you have ever used. So, we've put together a short guide below on how to use the Clear Jelly Stamper, along with answers to the most commonly asked questions.