We are the proud inventors of the Clear Jelly Stamper and Layered Stamping Plates.


The Clear Jelly Stamper is different from any other stamper you have ever used. So, we've put together a short guide below on how to use the Clear Jelly Stamper, along with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How to Use Your Clear Jelly Stamper:


1. How do I clean my Clear Jelly Stamper?

  • For best results, we recommend using our Sticky Pad to clean the Clear Jelly Stamper head. You can also use a lint roller; however, be VERY careful not to use one that is too sticky as it can damage the Jelly head or pull the Jelly head form the stamper handle and possibly damage it.


2. Where are Clear Jelly Stamper products made?

  • The plates are designed in Canada.

  • Other components are made offshore or in Canada.


3. How long will it take to get Clear Jelly Stamper products once it is shipped?

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus, we cannot guarantee delivery times
  • This is not an easy question to answer! We do not have control of the products once they leave our facility!
  • We offer Canada Post standard shipping. Shipping time varies depending on the country we are shipping to. It can take as little as 7 days and up to 4 weeks depending on your customs department and how quickly they clear the package for delivery. We make every effort to ship the same day an order is made however, allow 24-48 hours for processing Monday to Friday.
  • We offer FedEx 2 days shipping to the USA and again, allow 24-48 hours for processing Monday to Friday. Customs can interfere with delivery times and we can not be held accountable for such delays. However, we make every effort to provide necessary information immediately!


4. Can I track my shipment?

  • Yes! As long as you select a shipping option that offers tracked shipping! Please select appropriate shipping options for your country.

  • Currently, we offer overseas tracked shipping to select countries. If you don't see your country listed, please contact us directly for special arrangements!


5. What is the best nail polish to use with my Clear Jelly Stamper?

  • We have our own hyper-pigmented stamping polish that is designed to work with our invention, the Clear Jelly Stamper. 

  • As long as you're using a good quality stamping polish...you should have success! 


6. Why did my polish stain my Clear Jelly Stamper head?

  • Most likely you used a hyper pigmented polish; like Klean Color Metallic.

  • Most times, this won't effect the functionality of your stamper and should fade over time.


7. How do I care for my stamping plates?

  • For best results, use our plate cleaner to clean your plates. You can also use high quality nail polish remover with acetone.

  • Store plates in a proper plate storage pouch to avoid damage when not in use.


9. Will my Clear Jelly head last forever?

  • No. The nature of the product that allows for the pick-up and transfer of polish with a water clear view, is VERY delicate! You will need to replace your jelly heads from time to time. We recommend having a spare on hand for stamping lovers.

  • This Jelly head is most vulnerable when taking out of the handle or putting back into the handle, so please be very careful when working with them.

  • Also, be aware of the pressure applied, don't apply excessive pressure to the head. If you have a very strong c-curve or very long nails, you may need to roll slightly for full coverage. Excessive pressure can cause splits in the jelly!



10. How do I store my Clear Jelly Stamper?

  • Store using their protective caps that are included with your stamper.

  • Store out of direct sunlight.

  • Store multiple heads separately so they don't fuse together!


11. Are you a professional/technician and struggling to get our product to work? Don't feel you should "need a stamping lesson"?

  • This product is similar to any skill/hobby...it does not provide instant gratification. You need to learn the proper technique, practice and spend the time perfecting the result. 

  • The Clear Jelly Stamper is not like any other stamper you have ever used! Take some time and learn it's technique...it's worth the effort! You'll never go back. 

  • See our videos or contact one of our helpful and friendly staff! 


12. Do you offer refunds?

  • Due to the nature of the products for hygiene reasons we don't accept refunds.

  • Please see our videos or or contact one of our helpful and friendly staff if you require further information

13. What does ' 5-free' mean?

  • Clear Jelly Stamper's nail stamping polish is '5-free'. This means that it does not contain 5 of the most common harmful chemicals.

CAMPHOR: In rare cases, camphor can cause liver damage when applied to the skin. And nail biters be warned— it’s been linked to seizures when ingested.

DIBUTYL PHTHALATE: An endocrine disruptor, dibutyl phthalate is toxic to the reproductive system, and can affect a baby boy’s genitalia development. Plus, it’s been linked to obesity.

FORMALDEHYDE: A known carcinogen that can also cause organ and immune system toxicity, formaldehyde is an ingredient to avoid at all costs.

FORMALDEHYDE RESIN: This formaldehyde derivative may not be as toxic, but it’s a known allergen, and can cause skin irritations, as well as eye and lung irritation (and we know we all inhale some nail-polish fumes when we’re swiping on color).

TOLUENE: Toluene not only impairs breathing and can cause nausea, but it’s also toxic to the nervous system, can cause developmental damage to a fetus and is linked to malignant lymphoma.


14. Are your nail polishes tested on animals?

Here at Clear Jelly Stamper we love our four legged friends and protecting all animals and the cruelty against them for animal testing is very important to us!.  It is our implicit knowledge that our nail polish products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free.  We also do not commission any third party to test any of our final nail polish products on animals.