Picking Up Fine Lines

Lifting images with our Clear Jelly Stamper!

There are a few things you must consider to have the best success lifting images with a Clear Jelly Stamper.

1. Are you using an authentic Clear Jelly Stamper? If you are, help is easy to find!

2. Are you using proper stamping polishes? Not all polish or even stamping polish works with clear stampers. Clear Jelly Stamping polish is designed for use with clear stampers. And also make sure that you are applying enough polish over your image.

3. Did you clean your plate properly? There are so many different polish removers and they all have their own formulas. Some formulas will actually repel clear stampers. If you are using a polish remover that has added oils to make it cuticle friendly, you will struggle to lift anything off of your image plate. Clear Jelly Stamping formulated their own plate cleaner for this reason. However, if you don’t have any, then simply cut your polish remover in half and add equal parts acetone. Make sure all of the image grooves are perfectly cleaned out of any dried polish and are completely dry before you attempt stamping. Keep your Clear Stamper clean by using CJS sticky pad.

4. Is your plate perfectly flat to your table? Make sure you work on a flat, hard surface with no towel or anything underneath it etc. Plates do warp so push them flat to the table when lightly scraping and lifting the image.

5. Are you scraping too hard or at the incorrect angle? As you’re holding the plate flat, lightly scrape the excess polish off of the image at a 45° angle. 6. You’re going to want to move fast to lift the image cleanly. So it’s very important to have all of your products organized beside you before you start.

6. Use extremely light pressure in a rolling motion from side to side over the image with your Clear Jelly Stamper to lift it! Just the weight of the stamper will be sufficient.

7. Simply press your Clear Jelly Stamper on a prepared nail and hold it for a few seconds in order for the full image to transfer properly.

HOT TIPS: If you are still struggling with picking up images onto your Clear Jelly Stamper, be aware of a few other things. Make sure that you don’t have a fan blowing or there’s no airflow from anything because it is such a fine image that it doesn’t take long for it to dry out. Also be aware of your overhead light because it could be giving off a lot of heat which could potentially dry out your image quicker than normal as well.

I hope this blog was helpful and if you have any questions, please contact us anytime!!

Happy stamping my friends!