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A Woman With a Dream

Local entrepreneur and nail technician, Debbie Duxbury, has launched a new patented invention that has literally changed the multi-billion dollar nail industry around the globe.

Duxbury took what started out as a time consuming problem for a nail technician and not only solved it for herself by inventing the patented ClearJellyStamper and multi­layered plates, but offered it to everyone in the industry worldwide at an affordable price.

This is a rapidly growing industry not only in North America, but around the world and Duxbury has found a solution to perfect the stamping portion of a nail design. By using a high­ly specialized compound the applicator for the stamping process is crystal clear so the artist can place the stamp exactly in position. This also allows for layering in different colours without the previous disastrous results from stamping “blind”.

Combined with their unique multi­layered stamping plates that she has designed to go with the ClearJellyStamper and you have a winner! Women’s manicures are no longer limited to trimming and buffing, they are now “works of art” that are shared via social media faster than a cat video.

Debbie Duxbury spent over two decades as a nail technician and has been an educator in this field for over 13 years. Stamping nails is not a new technique, but getting it right was always a challenge. Duxbury recognized the need within her industry years ago. Once she realized no one else was going to address it,she decided to do so herself! “I had no idea this new invention of mine would have the impact that it has. It has taken the world by storm and changed the industry forever.”

The ClearJellyStamper product is clear, allowing complete control over its predecessors and it has a “jelly­like” feel so that it is malleable for a clean, crisp image that is stamped from a design plate onto your nails. Although Duxbury initially intended to help her circle of nail tech friends, this product has taken the industry by storm.

Worldwide, individuals, retailers and nail technicians are buying them as fast as Duxbury can supply them. The benefits to someone in the nail industry are the time saving aspects, but more importantly is the creative control that the product now gives the nail artist. The customer service that backs the original ClearJellyStamper is another benefit worth mentioning. Nothing is more important to Duxbury and her team than quality of product.

The team spent years on R&D and have successfully produced an efficient, yet delicate solution for a clear stamping head. Duxbury is constantly researching and developing new products to add to her arsenal and striving to improve those that already exist.

About Two Fish Nail Art Systems Inc.

TwoFish Nail art Systems Inc. is a leading innovator of the nail stamping industry. The company has created a revolutionary patented ClearJellyStamper and patented Layered Stamping Plates that will change the face of stamping forever.

The ClearJellyStamper and Layered Stamping Plates work in conjunction to allow artists and the artistically challenged to create stunning nail art with ease. The head of the stamper is glass clear! “Our Stampers are designed with your VIEW in mind!” Providing customer service that is second to none and constantly evolving, keep this company at the forefront of this massive industry. We want to thank our Contributors