Learn How to Stamp!

How to Stamp for Beginners! by the Creator/Owner herself, Debbie Duxbury
The Clear Jelly Stamper was invented and patented by Debbie in 2015. The invention revolutionized the Nail Art Industry by making it so easy to "see where you stamp".
CjS Plates and Stamping Polish are the best in the business! So easy to use and so many options to choose from for everybody's own individual style. With over 250 Stamping Polish Colors, you can create multiple layered looks for a new mani everyday! 
Mastering stamping takes time and patience, but once you have honed your technique the possibilities are endless! 
Step 1: Check that your plate & stamper are clean 
Step 2: Apply CjS polish to your design
Step 3: Scrape at a 45 degree angle
Step 4: Using a rolling motion, lift with CjS Stamper
Step 5: Move quickly, and place on nail
Everything you need to create Fabulous designs! Beginner Kits include our famous open-ended Clear Jelly Stamper, scraper, plate, and a curated selection of polishes.
Create similar looks or your own beautiful designs!