Make your Stamper Last

The Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper is delicate and it deserves to be treated with love and care.  In this week's blog we're going to discuss the DO's & DON'Ts of how to preserve your stamper and make it last.

DO store your Clear Jelly Stamper with the lid on. This will keep it free of dirt and
dust and prevent it from getting torn. 
DO store extra Jellies in their original packaging until they are ready to use or in
the extra holding area in your stamper.
DON'T throw your Clear Jelly Stamper in a drawer without being covered.

If you are finding that you cannot pick up images with your stamper, please 
DON'T wipe or buff it.  Picking up images has everything to do with pressure and
technique and nothing to do with the jelly itself. There is information out there that
tells you to buff it with a file or wipe it with acetone.  That might be the case with 
other stampers but not the Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper. Doing that to our
stamper will tear it or make it cloudy and if it's cloudy, it no longer works like it
should. That would defeat the purpose of being able to see through your stamper
to see where you're stamping.

When stamping, DO take care with the amount of pressure you use when
you roll your stamper over the image on our layered stamping plates and
especially when you're pressing the stamper onto the nail.  Squishing the
jelly stamper into the plate or pressing it down too hard onto the nail, can
cause it to tear.  It will still work but it could affect the image slightly. 

The last point to make is how to clean your stamper in between designs and after
you're done stamping. Our Sticky Pad was designed to work as an easy, quick and effective way to keep your stamper clean. The Sticky Pad completely cleans the Jelly Stamper of stamping polish, dust and lint by simply pressing down onto the sticky paper. 

I hope you found this information to be helpful! If you ever have any
questions at all, please feel free to contact us. We are always here 
to help and we want you to have much success with your Clear Jelly
Stamper. Please check out our Instagram @clearjellystamper for 
stamping ideas and tag us in your IG for a chance to be featured!
Happy Stamping my friends!!!