💅🏼Butterflies.......What Do They Represent?🦋

Butterflies are soulful, powerful representations of life. Butterflies are graceful and have a mystery about them. They symbolize spiritual rebirth, transformation, faith, hope, and eternal life. Although the life of a butterfly is short, they remind us of spiritual transformation and that life on this planet is not an infinite journey.

Some believe butterflies are winged messengers from an unknown world to the physical world and that they are sending signs to affirm that we are on the right path in our life. When you see a butterfly and it is hovering around you, use your intuition. What are you wondering about at the moment? Who are you thinking about? What decisions are you pondering about your direction in life Many people believe that butterflies are a sign of many of these things. Enjoy their beauty.

We have a lot of Layered Stamping Plates that have a variety of Butterfly designs. In today's blog, we are going to feature some designs done by some of our loyal customers.

"Butterflies" by @glamnailschallenge
Products used:
🦋Clear Jelly Stamper Layered Plate CjS-58 "Delicate GardenCjS LC-45 "Suzie's Victorian"

🦋CjS Stamping Polish #39 "Teal or No Teal"

Gorgeous yellow mani done by @hefersanja
🦋Images are on from Layered Stamping Plate CjS-50 "Petals of Lace"

A beautiful mani done by @indigirka_nails 💙🤍

Using CjS LC-69 "Sakura"

Gorgeous mani done by @nailcrazinesss

🦋 Stamping Polish: #94 "Passionate Pink, #2 "Jenny's Gonna Love It"#76 "Morning Dew", and  #85 "Teal Me Off the Ceiling"
🦋 Plate: CjS LC-58 "Enchanted Tropics"
🦋 Stamper: Bling-Cubed