💅🏽CjS Makes Nail Art Easy🤩

If you haven't tried Clear Jelly Stamper and all of their wonderful products then "Where Have You Been"?! This invention that the wonderful Founder & Creator Debbie Duxbury brought to life quite a few years ago has taken the nail art world by storm. Being a professional, certified nail technician myself for over 20 years, I can speak to how wonderful and innovative of an invention this product is. I go back and think of the days that I used to hand paint designs on my clients' nails and that transitioned into airbrushing (which was a time consuming and messy nightmare btw!). I had been introduced to stamping quite a few years ago with a company that did not have a see-thru stamper. I attended a nail show with Debbie in October of 2017 and I am embarrassed to say that I had not seen or heard of CjS until that trip. I had crawled out from under that rock that some people still reside lol. When I saw her Clear Jelly Stamper and her layered stamping plates, it's as if the heavens opened and I swear I heard angels singing! Where had this been all of my life?!

Clear Jelly Stamper started out with mainly Stampers, Layered Plates and CjS stamping nail art polishes. It has since grown into a full nail art company with many additional products. These products include (but not limited to): 3 sizes of layered stamping plates, growing number of stamping polish colors, sticky pad for cleaning your CjS stamper, polish thinner, beautifully colored implements & so on. The creative genius, that is our Debbie, never stops! She has a tremendous support team around her to keep CjS at the forefront of the nail art industry. They never stop creating and being innovative.

Speaking of being innovative. It wasn't long ago that CjS created an App through the Apple & Google Play store that will allow you to play and create designs from plates before you purchase the plates or try them on yourself or your clients. Download it today and try it out!  Let us know what you think.

I want to thank each and every one of our loyal and dedicated customers and the ones that are on their way. At CjS, we value each and every one of you. Please make sure to create & tag us on your pics in Instagram to make sure we see them and we can share them. Happy Stamping my friends!!
With gratitude ~ Carrie Johnson