💖What Does Your Nail Color Say About Your Personality?💅🏼

There have been many studies done that have helped to explain why you may be attracted to certain colors more than others. Colors can change your mood.  Colors that you wear sometimes describe your personality.They can make you feel happy by triggering the serotonin in your brain. They can even make you sad or agitated. Is there a specific color that really pulls you in? Is there a color that when you see it, it just makes you smile? We will showcase some nail designs of each primary color and take a look at what those colors represent in studies.


What does RED represent? Red is a color that says "strength, passion & energy". If you wear a lot of this color, you are someone that takes charge of everything you do in life and you do it independently and with a lot of passion. You take pride in what you do and you are a leader.


PINK represents a softer side. Pink radiates love, romance & caring.  If you wear a lot of pink, you are likely someone people are drawn to because of your caring nature. You just make people feel better when you're around. Your energy radiates love & tenderness.


Nails done by @cathysmith44004 CjSH-54 "Easter Egg Dainty Decals"
CjS stamping polishes #15, #19, #34, #38, #51, #57, #69, #76, #91 & #97
YELLOW is exactly what you think it is. It is sunshine which radiates joy & happiness. If yellow is your color, you likely light up a room when you enter it.  People are likely drawn to you because of your positivity and your light. Yellow will naturally trigger the serotonin in your brain which is the natural chemical that makes you feel happiness


Nails done by @evie_nailsdipped
What does BLUE represent? If you are someone that wears a lot of blue, it could mean that you are someone that possesses peace and tranquility in their life. People are likely drawn to you because your energy is calming and a place of comfort. Do you find that people come to you for advice and guidance? Well don't be surprised if they do because your caring nature attracts people in need of a shoulder.


PURPLE is such a beautiful color and it is always eye-catching. If you wear a lot of purple, you are most likely a very spiritual person with a very strong intuition. Can you read people's personalities easily? People who are drawn to the color purple are usually wise and possess nobility. You are likely a very honest person that says it like it is but being careful not to offend.


These nails are beautiful and especially in ORANGE. Orange is a wonderful color because is represents vibrance and enthusiasm. Do you wear a lot of orange? If you do, you probably have a vibrant personality and you're not afraid to show it. You're likely the most outgoing person in the room. Don't ever lose that beauty because people love to be around it!


Green nails aren't just for St Patricks' Day. Green is an abundant color that symbolizes generosity, wealth and youthfulness. Green can also symbolize jealousy but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with people being jealous of your infectious personality. You are likely a down-to-earth person who is attracted to nature and being in the great outdoors. People who are attracted to green are likely to be kind, generous and calming in a crisis. Greens you are needed!!


BLACK always stands out in a crowd. Someone who wears a lot of black exudes power and elegance. Black will help with confidence if you're feeling down. If you are drawn to black, you are likely artistic and sensitive. On the other end, you can be very independent, strong-willed and you like to be in control of your yourself and your surroundings. You don't allow people to mistreat you. If they do, you don't give them too much of your energy.

I really enjoyed going through the different colors of personality and define what they mean. Let us know what your personality color is by designing a set of nails using that color along with some stamping designs. Please post them on IG and tag us on your photo @clearjellystamper so that we can like & share.  
Happy Stamping my friend!!!