Valentine Nail Art: The Trendiest Must-Have Starter Kit

The Big Bling Boxed Kit is one of many starter kits we have available. Check out our list of everything you’ll need for the trendiest, must-have Valentine nail art.


As February approaches, there’s only one thing on every nail art-addict’s mind: Valentine nail art. While most girls look forward to flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners, you’re more interested in a rocking mani that flaunts your creative talents. Whether you’re into sexy kisses or sweet lovebirds, our starter kit has got your Valentines nail designs covered.


1. The Luscious Lips & Love Stamping Plate

When it comes time to fulfill your Valentine nail art starter kit, you’ll definitely want to include the Luscious Lips & Love stamping plate. This beauty of a plate features enviable kiss marks, cutesy lovebirds, and timeless hearts. By combining these nail art designs with your favourite nail polish, you’ll achieve stunning nail art that perfectly captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


2. The Big Bling XL Stamper

No stamping starter kit is complete without The Big Bling XL Stamper. This industry-changing stamper is perfect for multi-layer nail art that requires an extra edge. With a see-through head and clear body, this tool will help you master the art of placement. If you love the look of heart nail designs that showcase a perfectly placed border, this stamper is the one for you. 

For a little more insight into why a clear stamper is so much better than a regular stamper, check out our previous post: Clear Stampers: The Must-Have Nail Art Accessory.


3. Stamping Polish

To achieve high quality designs, you’ll want to choose a high quality stamping polish. This is an absolute must-have accessory when it comes to stamping starter kits. When building up your nail art arsenal, you’ll definitely want to start with the basics. We love More Like 1 AM and Jenny’s Gonna Love it!! As your arsenal and stamping skills begin to grow, start adding in new fun and exciting colours. You can never have too many stamping polishes.


4. Nail Stamping Accessories

To round out your Valentine nail art starter kit, you may want to think about including some of the following accessories:

  • Stamping plate pouches. To keep your stamping plates together and protected, you may want to invest in one of these pretty pouches.
  • A replacement stamper. It’s always a good idea to keep an extra replacement jelly head on hand. You never know when a nail art emergency can occur.
  • A trusty brush. When it comes to nail art, you can never have too many tools. If you’re just starting out, though, a reliable brush is a must-have. Bonus points if it’s pretty!


If you’re looking for industry-leading stampers, nail stamping plates, and polishes to help you get started on your nail-stamping journey, you should really check out Clear Jelly Stampers. We offer everything you need to get started, including inspiration to get those creative thoughts flowing.