Clear Stampers: The Must-Have Nail Art Accessory

 Clear stampers give you the ability to see exactly where you’re placing your nail art. 


Nail art stampers have been around for a few years now, allowing nail technicians and do-it-yourselfers to apply perfectly polished nail art to fingertips. However, there’s a new industry-leading tool available that’s making the job easier and more enjoyable. Clear stampers take all the guesswork out of applying nail art, allowing you to create flawless nail art designs in less time.


What’s the Difference Between Regular Stampers and Clear Stampers? 

Clear Jelly Stampers were created when a need arose in the nail art industry for a tool that helped increase nail art efficiency. The traditional nail art stampers didn’t allow the user a clear picture of where the stamp would end up on the nail. It was a tedious process that involved a lot of guessing. If the stamp wasn’t applied in the correct spot, the artist would have to remove it and then start again.

After recognizing the need for visibility when applying stamps, Clear Jelly Stampers was born. This innovative adaptation of the nail stamper has been making the process of nail art design simpler than ever before and is absolutely adored by users around the world.


How Do They Work?

Clear Jelly Stampers work just like any other nail stamper you’ve seen before, but they’re much easier to use than their counterpart. Because of the see-through head, you can see exactly where you’re placing the design on your nail. Not only will this save you time, it’ll also allow you the freedom to get more creative with your nail artistry designs. Using the stamper is as easy as these four steps:

  1. Choose a stamping plate
  2. Apply nail polish designed specifically for stamping to the plate
  3. Dress the stamper down using a “flicking” motion of the wrist
  4. Transfer the image to your own nail.

Due to the inventive clear head on the stamper, you can also layer designs on top of each other, taking your DIY nail art to the next level. Although this technique can also be done with a traditional stamper, it’s much easier to do with a clear-head stamper. After a little practice, you’ll be able to master the art of layering and produce beautiful multidimensional nail art easily and efficiently.

For a quick and easy tutorial video, click here.


Why Make the Switch?

Clear Jelly Stampers are so much easier to work with than an original nail stamper. Besides being easy to work with, these stampers save time and give the artist more creative control.


What Else Will I Need? 

Besides adding a clear nail stamper to your nail artistry arsenal, you’ll also need:

  • Stamping plates
  • Stamping-specific nail polish (we love MdU nail polish)
  • Scraper

If you’ve already got some of these items lying around, there’s no need to purchase new ones. A clear stamper is compatible with all nail stamping plates and accessories currently available in the marketplace.

With this innovative nail art technology, the design options are absolutely endless. From fancy script designs to sunglasses and flowers, you’ll be able to style your nails any way you want.

For inspiration and a sneak peak at some of the designs other nail art designers are creating, check out our Facebook page.


If you’re ready to decorate your fingertips with the latest industry-leading technology, check out Clear Jelly Stampers. Besides the clear stampers, we also offer stamping plates, scrapers, kits, and storage solutions.