Ring in the New Year with Trendy Nail Stamping Plates

Get glam NYE fingertips with these trendy, on-point nail stamping plates.


With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, you may have already started planning out your celebratory outfit. That little black dress you found at your favourite boutique has been calling your name ever since you found it, and you’ve probably been itching to wear those sparkly heels you’ve set aside for a special occasion. You may have even set aside your favourite nail stamping plates in preparation for your New Year’s mani. For a little holiday nail art inspiration to help you pull your New Year’s Eve look together flawlessly, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite end-of-the-year nail art designs.


  1. Chic Snowflakes

Snowflake Nail Designs

Image Source: @fireangel.120

Snowflakes can be tailored to suit any winter event, including a glamorous New Year’s Eve party. Simply grab your snowflake nail stamping plates, and get stamping. Here’s a tip: a black background with glittery snowflakes will look absolutely fabulous with that little black dress and will add a little sparkle while you sip on some bubbly.  


  1. Kissable Style

Kissable Nail Design

Image Source: nailexperiments

One of the best things about New Year’s Eve is celebrating the start of the New Year with your loved ones. The second best thing is that coveted New Year’s Eve kiss. Add a little subliminal messaging to your fingertips by adding a flirty heart or kiss mark to your index fingers. This nail design will help set the mood and add a little flair to your mani. It’s the perfect follow up to all those previous Christmas nail art designs you’ve been rocking all season.


  1. Cozy Cuddles

Image Source: vics_nails

If your perfect New Year’s Eve party involves a couch, your favourite person, and a warm blanket, try out some plaid nail art designs. These trendy nail designs are the perfect inspiration for a cuddly night in. If you want both a cozy nail design, but still want to include a little glam, add a glittery topcoat, or add some glitter accent lines. No matter what you choose to do, this mani will look amazing while you countdown to the New Year cuddled up with your significant other.


  1. Fabulously Edgy

Fabulously Edgy Nail Design

Image Source: blackqueennailsdesign

Nothing says “I’m here for a party!” better than tribal-inspired nail designs. These edgy designs are absolute sophistication, and they are so easy to customize to any event. Staying in with the girls? Use bright and bold colours for a fun and playful look. Heading out to a black tie gala? Use glitter stamping polish and jewel embellishments to accent your edgy choice in nail stamping plates. No matter what tribal design you’ve selected, your nails will look on point at any event.


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