I’m sure you are wondering if this is true and if all polishes are created equally. The answer to the first question is YES and the answer to the latter is NO! Now......would you like to know why? Well let me tell you.

You can stamp with some regular polishes, however, it’s hit or miss as to which ones will work. This will all depend on how much pigment the manufacturer uses in the polishes. Polish with minimal pigment is tricky to lift and if you do manage to lift it, it will often appear transparent or see-thru on the nail. Be very cautious when using lower quality polishes because they can stain your Clear Jelly Stamper. With our clear stampers, most good quality stamping polishes will work well. If you find lifting difficult or you’re not getting complete images, it’s almost a guarantee that there isn’t enough pigment in the polish you’re using.

Not all stamping polish was created with our clear stamper in mind. Clear stampers are a completely different material than older style stampers (the firm & marshmallow style) and our stamper will lift more easily with a highly pigmented polish.

Clear Jelly Stamping polish is hyper pigmented. Most of our polishes have 4 times the amount of pigment than even a regular stamping polish. This will make lifting images much more successful & satisfying!

I hope you found this information to be helpful. If you have any questions about our stamping polishes or clear stampers, please contact us. We are always here to help! Happy stamping my friends!