We don’t want to admit it but Fall is in the air and it’s right around the corner. Leaves are slowly beginning to make their transition from green to all the beautiful & rich colors that Fall brings. Even though we mourn the end of Summer, it does bring thoughts of drinking hot coffee under a warm blanket on a crisp morning. There’s a comfortable, soothing feeling that comes with that. Espresso may not solve all of your problems but it’s worth a “shot”! This week’s look was inspired by the comforts of Fall.

Clear Jelly Stamper has two plates that are perfect to achieve a combined look of fall colors and hot coffee. Stamping plates CJS-86 Forever Autumn and CJS-89 Roasted.

For this design, we used KoKo & Claire gel polishes #070 Deepest Grape, #006 Ray of Sunshine, #022 Safari Sunset and #017 Spicy Chili.

Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes we used #001 More Like 1 AM, #020 Copper Hint, #028 Pretty Penny, #060 Antique Lustre and #063 Scarlet Letter.

Step by step instructions: Always prepare the natural nail by lightly buffing off the shine and cleaning the nail. Apply a coat of KoKo & Claire’s base coat and cure.

Nail #1:

Using all 4 KoKo & Claire gel colors as shown above, paint a geometrical design curing slightly between color applications. Once cured, apply a coat of KoKo & Claire’s “Shine” topcoat and cure. Shine works like a magnet for stamping which makes it so much easier! Using stamping plate CJS-86 Forever Autumn, we stamped the words using stamping polishes #20, #63 and #60.

Nail #2:

Used gel polish #022 Safari Sunset for the full color. Then using leaves from stamping plate CJS-86 Forever Autumn, we used stamping polish colors #20, #28, and #63 to give the cool effect of real leaves. Finished them off by stamping the stems with #60 and ‘Falling Leaves’ with #1.

Nail #3:

Used gel polish color #070 Deepest Grape for the full color. Used stamping plate CJS-89 Roasted, we used stamping polish #28 Pretty Penny for the heart shaped coffee beans and #20 Copper Hint for the lettering.

Nail #4:

Used all 4 gel polish colors shown above to achieve this marble look. Painted the nail with #006 Ray of Sunshine and, before curing, apply dots of the other 3 colors. Then using the CJS Detail Brush, lightly swirl the colors together.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this so create your unique design. Cure. Use stamping plate CJS-89, we stamped the word Coffee a few times with #1 stamping polish.

Nail #5:

Used gel polish #17 Spicy Chili for the full color. We then stamped the whole nail with the coffee bean pattern from plate CJS-89 using stamping polish #60 Antique Lustre. Then we chose random leaves from plate CJS-86 and used stamping polishes #20, #28 and #63 to create fall leaf colors. Stamped the leaf outlines with #1.

Finish off all of the nails with a coat of KoKo & Claire’s Shine and watch the unbe-leaf-able colors come alive right in front of your eyes! Let us see your creations!! Happy Stamping my friends!!!