This week’s look was created by looking in your closet and finding an item that will inspire a design. In this design, we used a pretty purple blouse with colorful pink flowers. Clear Jelly Stamper has many different flower plates so it wasn’t difficult to find one to match the item. Start by getting your stamping polishessteel stamping plates, big bling stamper and your sticky pad set up. Decide which gel nail color or nail polish you want as the base color. In this design, we used “London Fog” by Fuzion.

Prepare the artificial or natural nails with your base color and then let’s start stamping! In this look, we used stamping plate CJS-82 ‘Sketched Garden’ for most of the design and we used CJS- 83 ‘Garden Letters’ for the ‘CJS’ lettering. There are 3 plates in this collection. If you purchase CJS- 81 ‘Watercolour Garden’, CJS -82 ‘Sketched Garden’ and CJS- 83 ‘Garden Letters’, you get all 3 for the price of 2 which is a great deal!

To match the flowers, we used #70 ‘Magnolia’ as the base colour for the leaves and outlined with #60 ‘Antique Lustre’. The fun thing about stamping a design to match your item is, if the colours match or are close, any design will look great! We stamped the flowers using #05 ‘Wild Child’ and #40 ‘Pass the Piñot’ and then stamped the outline with #60 ‘Antique Lustre’.

To finish off the look, we used letters on stamping plate CJS-83 ‘Garden Letters’ with stamping polish #70 ‘Magnolia’ and stamped ‘CJS’.

These have such a pretty and classic look. Hope this has inspired you! Happy stamping my friends!