💖How To Care For Your Clear Jelly Stampers💖

There is an abundance of information on the internet on how to clean and care for your clear stampers.  We want to focus on how to care for the "ORIGINAL" & "AUTHENTIC" Clear Jelly Stamper.  Like any other brilliant invention, our Patented stamper has been replicated many times and, because of this, there is a lot of "false" information on how to care for them.  We are unaware of how others have been made.  We only know how ours have been made and there are specific ways to care for our stampers so that they last longer and they remain user-friendly.

Our Clear Jelly Stampers are ready to use right out of the package and there's
nothing quite like a brand new stamper!  The only thing that you should do is
lightly buff the 4 sides of the scraper to remove any tiny, microscopic shards
left behind from when they were machine cut. Doing this will give you a cleaner
scrape. If you try to use your stamper, there are a few troubleshooting ideas to
try if you're struggling with pick-up.  You can check out the "Troubleshooting"
Blog for a variety of ideas.

Do not, under any circumstances, buff your jelly!  This is one of the instructions that is on the internet but that is NOT for our stampers.  Buffing will destroy your jelly.  It is very delicate and buffing it will defeat the purpose of being able to see through it to stamp and line up layers.

If you are having issues picking up images, try cleaning off your Clear Jelly Stamper by rolling it onto our CjS Sticky Pad.  If it becomes a little dirtier than normal, wash it with soap and warm water and pat dry on a lint free paper towel.  Please DON'T ever, ever, ever wipe your jelly with a solvent of any kind.  Again, there is advice on the internet telling you to wipe your jelly with acetone, nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and this is NOT for our stampers. Doing so with our stampers will cause them to break down and become cloudy.  This will greatly reduce the lifespan of your jelly! Always be sure to keep solvent away from your stamper and avoid setting it next to a wipe with solvent on it.  If the plastic of the stamper comes into contact with a wipe that has acetone on it, for example, it will melt the plastic.  If you get any stamping polish on your stamper, use a Qtip with a tiny bit of nail polish remover on it and dab off the polish. Wiping it will make the plastic cloudy.  If you accidentally spill solvent on the table where your stamper is, the lid may fuse to the body of the stamper.

Storing your Clear Jelly Stamper is important as well.  If you live in a humid environment, it is even more important how it's stored.  When not in use, store it in an airtight container or bag to keep it from getting exposed to humid conditions for too long.  If it is, it may breakdown and become very gummy and sticky.

We hope this blog has been informative in taking care of your Clear Jelly Stampers.  If you have any questions regarding stamping issues, you can email your questions to our education department edcuation@clearjellystamper.com.  Any other inquiries can be emailed to info@clearjellystamper.com.

💖💖💖Happy Stamping My Friends!!!💖💖💖