💖What's the association between CjS and Koko & Claire?💅🏼

I posted an announcement on the CjS VIP page on Facebook asking
what people would like to see for the Nail Blog posts and the first 
request was asking how Clear Jelly Stamper and KoKo & Claire are
associated with each other.

You may have noticed that a lot of our bloggers that create designs for us
use KoKo & Claire as their gel polish color(s) before applying their CjS 
nail stamping designs.

KoKo & Claire began as an idea for two close friends to create a DIY gel
polish line that was user friendly. Debbie (CjS owner) and Cheryl (Fuzion
Gel owner) came up with this idea to create a high quality DIY gel polish line 
that could go hand in hand with Clear Jelly Stamper nail designs. The name
came from using their daughters' names. KoKo is Debbie's daughter's nickname
and Claire is the name of Cheryl's daughter. The bottle design is unique and
gorgeous and it catches everyone's eye! Who doesn't love Rose Gold?! Once 
they introduced it, they had no idea it was going to take off like it did. It's not just for the DIY consumer either. Many certified nail technicians are loving the 
quality so much that they are using it on their clients as well. If you are not
sure of how it works, it's a soak off gel system that, if used as directed, will
not destroy your natural nails. All it takes is a quick buff to remove the shine
off of the natural nail, clean the dust off and away you go. In order for it to be
a soak-off, the proper steps will have to be done. They are as follows:

Step 1:  Buff natural nail just enough to remove the shine.

Step 2:
Wipe off dust with the KoKo & Claire nail cleanser.

Step 3:
Apply a coat of "Clean". This is a dehydrator that will make sure 
the nail is free of any oils so that the gel can seal to the nail bed for longer

Step 4:
For extra adhesion, apply "Prep" to the FREE EDGE ONLY. If you
apply Prep to the entire nail, you will not be able to soak and peel the gel off.

Step 5:
Apply a sufficient coat of "Base" and cure.  If you apply it too thin, you
may have a little trouble peeling the gel off after soaking it.

Step 6:
You can apply a coat of "Strong" at this point & cure if you want/need a bit more strength.  This step can be skipped.

Step 7:
If it's a little bumpy, take a fine grit nail file or buffing block and shape the nail.

Step 8:
Apply the color of your choice and cure. Wipe off any residue with the KoKo & Claire nail cleanser.

Step 9:
This is when you would apply the CjS stamping designs.

Step 10:
Apply a top coat and cure.  We have a "Shine" and a "Matte".

When you decide to remove the manicure, file the free edge to shorten the nail & then you simply buff around the edges of the color (sides of the nail and cuticle area). Using a Birchwood stick or the edge of tweezers, carefully peel up an edge so that you can pull off the gel.  Your natural nail should be healthy underneath. We are proud to say it is even safe to use on children. Here is a great kit that can be found on our website.
Get the Koko & Claire Intro Kit HERE

If you haven't tried KoKo & Claire yet, you don't know what you're missing!! Let us know if you have tried it and what you think. If you create designs using it with Clear Jelly Stamper, please be sure to post on Social Media and TAG us so that we can see it and possibly share it to our page. 

Hope you and yours are staying safe 💖 Happy stamping my friends!!