Welcome To The Wildūü¶íūü¶ďūüźÜ

This plate series has become a very popular choice among our customers. In today's blog, we want to share some of the creations from each of the 3 layered stamping plates. If you haven't ordered them yet then you're about to see what you're missing out on.


Wild Kingdom Stamping Plate CjS-174 "Giraffe"

The Giraffe is a beautiful, wild and exotic animal.  The Giraffe symbolizes uniqueness, pride and it represents the natural world.  Since they stand tall, they represent looking into the future. A few fun facts about Giraffes are that they are the tallest mammal on earth and their neck is too short to reach the ground. Here are a few Manis done using this plate.

This gorgeous mani was done by @stablenails.  How beautiful is this. We're not positive of the colors used in this mani but we can suggest which ones to use. For the base of the Giraffes, we would suggest using Clear Jelly Stamper nail stamping polish #82 Vintage Twist. Then follow up by using #1 More Like 1 AM for the outline. The leaves could be stamped with #12 Glee Tree Green and outlined in #1 as well. For a but of a softer look, instead of using #1 for the outlining, you could use #23 Pure Cocoa.

This beautiful mani was done by @clawdies_nail_page. CjS stamping polishes we suggest you use to achieve this look are: #84 Vintage Linen for the bodies of the Giraffes and #23 Pure Cocoa for the accents and outlines.  #1 More Like 1 AM can be used for the wording


Wild Kingdom - Zebra Stamping plate CjS-175

The Zebra is a beautiful animal from Africa and they are believed to symbolize community, freedom, balance and individualism. A few fun facts about Zebras are they are mostly covered in white and are covered with black or dark brown stripes but underneath their coat, their skin is black. Another fun fact is that Zebras will run in a zig zag pattern to make it difficult for a predator to catch them.

Here is another mani done by @stablenails and it is so fun!  Simply use a white background and stamp the Zebra patterns using #1 More Like 1 AM.  Simple steps yet such a dramatic look!

This mani was shared with us by @nossas_belas_unhas and it's stunning!  Use a white base for the background and you can use our stamping polish #5 Wild Child and #1 More Like 1 AM for the stripes and outline.


Wild Kingdom - Cheetah Stamping plate CjS-176

The Cheetah is a symbol of fast action, patience, opportunity, self-esteem, flexibility, focus, selectivity, intensity, activity, sight, curiosity and intelligence. A few fun facts about Cheetahs are that they are the fastest land animal and the black lines on either side of their nose function like a football player's black face paint, keeping the sun out of the big kitty's eyes while they hunt.  They are beautiful animals.

This absolutely gorgeous mani was done by @artofsparkles using CjS-176 Cheetah Wild Kingdom layered stamping plate.  Use a white background and for stamping the images, you can use #28 Pretty Penny and #103 Bubblegum.  Finish off the images by stamping with #1 More Like 1 AM.

This color combination is absolutely gorgeous!!  This mani was done by 
@barbrafeszyn.  Start with a dark brown base as your palette and then you can
use #41 Sweet Baby Rose and #1 More Like 1 AM for the stamped images.


We would love to see your creations using these 3 CjS layered stamping plates so make sure to post your pics on Instagram and tag the picture with @clearjellystamper so that we can see them and possibly share them on our feed! We hope that all of our stamping family is staying healthy and keeping safe!  Happy Stamping my friends!!