9 of the Best Nail Art Designs Trends to DIY in 2016

In the last decade, popular nail art designs have become increasingly complex in appearance but increasingly simpler to do at home. With the use of nail art plates and brushes, or just polish, you can achieve salon quality designs on your own at home. Here are some of the hottest designs and styles taking over the fashion runways in 2016: 

  1. Multicoloured stripes. This nail art trend is popping up everywhere! With a million different colours to choose from and a bunch of different ways to place and organize the stripes, no two designs are identical.
  1. White nails with a chic black stripe. The shade of white chosen can totally vary (you could even get away with using a muted shade in your favourite colour) in each nail design. What really makes this trend hot is the thin black stripe extending from the nail bed to the tip of the fingernail. 
  1. Totally girlie pink with pearl petals. Another nail art trend that rocks the red carpet this year are girlie flowers done up in a pearl polish on a soft pink nail. To really finish this nail off, try gluing a few faux pearls into the centre of the petals.
  1. Mini realistic-looking pineapples. These yummy little beauties have been spotted at a few fashion shows lately. To achieve this look quickly and easily, get yourself a pineapple nail stamping plate. You can have fruity must-have tips in minutes.
    New to nail art stamping plates? Check out our previous post for tips on how to use a stamping plate and stampers: Clear Stampers: The Must-Have Nail Art Accessory.  
  1. An eclectic collection of prints. Throw together a mixture of plaids, tribal prints, stripes, and solid colours to make a nail art statement. These miscellaneously perfect nails are what’s hot in nail art designs right now.
  1. Glittery glam is back. If you’ve been holding onto your glitter polish waiting for this trend to make its way back into your life, wait no longer. Glitter-covered tips are back, baby! We’ve even seen fashion icons rocking the confetti-style glitter lately too. 
  1. Barely there polishes. Perfectly manicured and enviously naked nails are always in style. If you’ve got naturally beautiful fingertips, but still enjoy applying polish, highlight them using a light-coloured, slightly opalescent nude polish.
  1. Fingernails that look like they’ve been half painted. Yes, you read that correctly. To achieve this look, simply apply a clear coat of polish to the entire nail. Once that dries, use nail art brushes to apply a ‘swipe’ of paint randomly on the nail. If you’re feeling creative, you can even blend in a second colour to add some depth.
  1. Totally tribal, totally trendy. These prints look best when kept minimalistic. Start by applying a clear coat of polish to your nail. Then, using a nail stamping plate and white polish, apply a tribal print of your choice. That’s it. You’re done. Simple, right?


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