Nail Art Tools: Easy Nail Art Application Hacks

For perfectly polished fingertips, nail art tools can make all the difference.


Thanks to the Internet age, beauty tips using simple nail art tools have never been easier to come across. These tools are praised for their ability to turn plain fingernails into works of art with minimal effort. If you love salon-perfect manicures, but would rather spend a few minutes instead of a few hours achieving them, we’ve got a list of some of the best hacks out there.


Hello, Vaseline!

Showstopping nail designs, like the trendy tie-dye or marbled effect, are oftentimes super messy and require a lot of tedious clean up. To save yourself time and effort, rub petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the skin surrounding your fingernail. Nail polish won’t stick to the slick surface so cleaning up the skin on your fingers will be quick and effortless.


Colour Me Happy

It happens almost every time – You fall in love with a polish, you buy the polish, apply the polish, and the resulting colour just isn’t the same on your nails as it looked in the bottle. Unfortunately, the natural colour of your fingers and nail will actually change the colour of the polish. To avoid this, use a solid white nail polish as your base coat. Once dry, apply the polish you originally fell in love with. The colour will pop and match perfectly to the polish in the bottle.


Don’t be Jelly

If you’ve spotted to-die-for nail art that looks almost impossible to mimic at home, don’t fret. All you need in the way of nail art tools are nail stamping plates, a clear nail stamper, and stamping polish. These trendy nail designs are so easy to do in the comfort of your own home.  

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Raid Your Pencil Case

Remember those paper hole reinforcement stickers you used in elementary school? Well, go dig them out. This clever stationary hack will make the half-moon mani the easiest thing you do today. Apply a basecoat, wait until dry, stick a reinforcement sticker on your nail opposite the tip, apply your favouritepolish, and peel off the sticker. Ta-da! Told you it would be the easiest thing you do today.


Bring on the Bling

For applying those tiny little rhinestones, use the tip of your eyeliner pencil if your nail art tools aren’t easily accessible. The tackiness of the eyeliner pencil will the grip the top of the jewel allowing you more control when placing it on your nail.


The Quick Dry Hack

If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, but your fingernail polish is still wet, dip your tips in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes. The cold water will actually set the paint and make your nails dry quicker. Or, if you’re close to the kitchen, grab a can of nonstick cooking spray. Give your nails a quick spray to set the paint. After a few minutes, wash your hands to get rid of that greasy feeling, and get on your way.


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