5 Nail Art Design Trends from Across the Seas

For some, it’s a designer bag, a pair of sky-high heels, or a little black dress that makes them feel pretty. For others, however, it’s a rocking manicure that flaunts today’s hottest nail art stamping trends. As a nail art professional, it’s your job to give them exactly that. To help you stay on top of your game and provide a little inspiration, we’ve put together a little nail art design gallery that highlights some of the hottest trends around the world.


korean nail art

  1. Korea’s Tattoo Nails

According to beauty bloggers in Korea, the latest nail art trend to sweep their nation is tattoo-inspired designs. These creative designs involve stickers or stamps that resemble miniature tattoos. They look best on a bare nail, and channel the same types of skin art originally found on sailors or prison inmates. It’s a trend we’d love to see around here too.


  1. New York’s Latest Nail Trends 

At Fashion Week in New York, many different manis were brandished up and down the runway. Our favourite look from the week? Colour blocking. This unique look is so easy to recreate and leaves so much room for innovation. Mix and match colours and shapes to suit any occasion or season. You can even elevate a basic colour block with some nail art stamping.



  1. Nail Art Down Under

Aussies certainly know a thing or two about nail art, so sometimes it’s a good idea to look to our neighbour across the globe for nail art inspiration. One of the biggest trends down under is geometric prints. Inspired by mid-century geometric artwork, these designs are absolutely stunning. They’re perfect for nearly every occasion, classy, sophisticated, and a little tricky to recreate. However, they’re well worth the effort.



  1. South America’s Scorpion Style 

Yes, you read that right. Scorpions. On fingernails. It’s a bizarre beauty craze taking hold of the nail art lovers in South America at the moment. And although many nail fanatics in this part of the world may not be too eager to embellish their nails with a dead scorpion, it’s a look that can be recreated using a stamping plate instead. This nail trend is a source of pride for many South American women, and it’s absolutely perfect for the client who’s always on the hunt for next level nail art.


  1. Flowers in the UK

The UK is a fashion hub full of fabulous trendsetting looks, so it’s no wonder we sometimes look to them for nail art inspiration. One of the designs we’ve recently spotted abroad is an interesting take on floral images. Beautifully hued flowers are being stamped on polish-free nails. It’s a look we personally love. Sprinkle in a few gemstones, and you’ve got yourself a knockout mani great for any occasion.


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