Holographic Layers: The Latest Nail Stamping Trend

One of the latest trends in the nail stamping industry right now is layered holographic nail designs. Imagine holographic polish with a twist. These stunning nails are actually super easy nail art but have all the wow factor of a labour-intensive nail design. To show you what we mean, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite looks.

holo geometric

Source: @housewifenails

1. #Holo for the Win!

This look is so full of depth and texture that it looks like it took hours to achieve. However, it’s actually quite simple to recreate these easy nail art designs. All you need is a layer of base coat, one to two coats of holographic nail polish, a layer of topcoat, a nail stamp, and a final layer of topcoat. You can even wear just the holographic polish for a day or two then change the look drastically by adding a stamped pattern on top. It’s such a versatile design, and that’s why we love it. 

We recommend the Geo-Licious Plate and a Clear Jelly Stamper to nail this holo design. Clear nail stampers can help line up the design so it’s straight on your nails. 


reverse holo

2. The Reverse Holo

The reverse holographic design works well with nail art lovers who constantly enjoy raising the bar in nail art style. It’s super trendy and looks amazing with any stamping plate. To recreate this amazing look, choose a heavily pigmented base polish colour. Then using the holographic polish of your choice (a stamping polish works best though) load up a stamping plate with the design of your choice and give your nails a stamp.

We recommend the Manisha’s Mandalas or the Myriad of Mandalas plates and PROtect to keep your cuticles looking flawless.


holo and stars

Source: @nails4cocktails

3. Holo + Stars = Nail Love

This simplistic holo design will have you seeing stars… literally. The colour combinations are endless too. If you’re dying to recreate this look on your own fingertips, start by choosing your two favourite colours. We love the black and silver combination, by the way. Then simply apply the base polish and use a simple star stamper. You can play around with the placement and the colours to give it your own personalized touch.

We recommend The Essentials stamping plate and the HoloGorgeous storage pouch to really showcase your love for all things holo.


Although holographic polish is absolutely amazing on its own, we absolutely adore pairing it with stamped nail designs. For all the reasons why we love stamping plates, check out our previous post: 7 Reasons Why We Simply Adore Nail Stamping Plates.


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