7 Reasons Why We Simply Adore Nail Stamping Plates

Nail stamping plates have revolutionized the nail art industry.

Fingernail painting has been around since as early as 3000 BC. It’s always been used as a way to express individuality and add a little flair to one’s style. In Ancient Egypt, nail polish was even used to signify social class rankings. Red was the colour of choice for high society members, which is probably why red nail polish has always been an iconic look. Then came the invention of nail stamping plates and the nail art industry has never been the same.


Stamping plates have been the answer to so many nail art divas’ prayers. Not only did they introduce nail art lovers to a whole new world of creativity, they also made the nail art process simpler and more affordable. Here are seven reasons why we fell in love with stamping nail art, and why we think you will too.


  1. The ability to create custom designs

    With the introduction of stamping plates came endless nail art possibilities. From woodland creatures to sophisticated patterns, there is no limit on the creative masterpieces that can be created with stamping polishes and plates.


  1. Affordability

    Creating stunning nail designs in the comfort of your own home can be so much more affordable than visiting a professional whenever you want to change your tips. Thankfully, these revolutionary plates give do-it-yourselfers the ability to create designs at home. However, some nail art lovers still prefer to leave the handiwork to the pros.


  1. Save time on complex designs

    By utilizing nail stamping plates, you can achieve nail art designs in a fraction of the time. Remember when you used to have to spend all day tediously painting intricate designs on your nails freehand? Those days are long gone, my friend, thanks to the ingenious creation of nail stamp plates.


  1. You don’t need to be an artist to use plates

    If your nail art consisted of a couple of coats of single-coloured nail polish before discovering a stamping plate’s purpose, those days are also gone. Whether you have zero creative talent or more than you can handle, you can put your faith in the ability of a plate instead of yourself.


  1. Be a trendsetter

    Instead of scouring the Internet for the season’s biggest nail art trends, you can create them yourself. Simply shop online for some eye-catching plates and polish, and stamp your way to trendsetting status.


  1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle… your stamping accessories

    Unlike the peel and stick designs you see on the nail care shelves at your local pharmacy, nail stamping accessories can be reused over and over again. This means you can buy plates for summer or spring nail designs and reuse them each year.


  1. Create beautiful, multi-dimensional designs

    Layered effects are one of the most desired looks achieved by stamping polish and plates. However, it takes a practiced hand to get flawless designs. Don’t worry; you’ll get there. To help you work on your stamping skills, check out our previous post: How to Create Multi-Colourful Designs using a Clear Jelly Stamper.


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