Blue skies, blue waters, and who doesn’t love a good blue raspberry slushy when the sun’s shining?! In fact, blue is so popular that Picasso dedicated a whole period of his career to the colour, and decades later, the 90s dedicated a song to it. That’s why we’re excited to name blue as our colour of the month August.


 You might think all colours have always been around. But history shows us that as humans we weren’t always so familiar with blue. Cave paintings don’t depict the cool colour, and the ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for it at all.


Blue is often thought to have a relaxing effect and evoke a sense of calm. The colour is believed to represent wisdom and intelligence. Darker shades like navy and royal blue are linked to loyalty, honour, and power while softer tones like robin's egg and periwinkle are commonly associated with health, healing, and relaxation.


 When it comes to blue manis, the options are endless. Blues pair well with greens and purples for those that love bold, multi-colour looks. Or stick to a blue ombre or monochrome approach.


 Try a blue and white chevron pattern paired with an anchor or ship’s wheel from our ahoy matey or by the sea stamping plates. Or reach for blue and greys and add birds of a feather accents.


Can’t commit to blue on all 10 fingers? Add a vibrant pop of colour with a blue accent nail or embellishments.

 Just not a fan of the blues? Check back again when we name a new colour next month!