We all know with everything that is going on in the world right now, we are feeling anxious and scared of the unknown. Here at CjS, we want to send our love out to everybody! A lot of us are isolated and quarantined at home so we thought we would take this opportunity to distract you from that and 'Share The Love' of some of our devoted users from all over the world. We will display designs that you can all try and/or put your own twist on. We encourage you to shop on our on-line store to stock up on plates, polishes, etc and share with us your creations.  What better way to spend your time than playing nails and creating amazing nail art?!

How cute and sweet are these nails?! @kandeenails used our CjS-147 "Put a Bow on it" layered stamping plate for these nail art designs.

These nails are out of this world. @thenailpot used our layered stamping plate CjSZ-01 "What's Your Sign" for these beautiful nail art designs. Clear Jelly Stamper has a series of Zodiac layered stamping plates that are specific to your sign.

This beautiful set makes us excited about the snow melting making way for all the pretty Spring flowers that are waiting to bloom. This nail art design was achieved using the Original Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate CjSLC-13 "Roses Floral Garden". Thank you to @r.pravinagold for the design!

This cute design is for the teachers, students and parents who have to home school and do on-line lessons while we are all quarantined in our homes. Show your support to all the teachers out there that are working hard to make sure our kids are getting the best possible assistance with their school work. @galanea_marta used Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate CjSLC 30 "Armchair Adventure" along with lettering from another plate to stamp "stay home".

This design screams sweetness! The different styles of cupcakes add a delicious look to this set of nails. @katten.nails used our layered stamping plate CjSV-23 "Sweets & Treats". These are so simple yet so cute!

Hearts are not just for Valentines' Day. These nail art designs were created by @enchantednailsbykellie using our Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate CjS V-05 "Show the Love". It is one of our Valentines' Day stamping plates but you can show your love anytime of the year.

Here is another set that reminds us that Spring is just around the corner. The bird in this design symbolizes the Robin that is our very first sign that Spring is about to begin. With all the snow still on the ground in a lot of areas of the world, it might be hard to believe. We can thank @redheadnails for this creation using Clear Jelly Stamper plate CjS-58 "Delicate Garden".

Thank you to @pixiperfectnails for reminding us how pretty and delicate that lace and roses look together. The Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate used for this set is CjSV-25 "Lace & Floral".

Here is another set using one of our Zodiac stamping plates CjSZ-02 "Aries" done by the talented @fificrossnails. What a beautiful set!

Last but not least, this vintage style set was done by @bambinanails using Clear Jelly layered stamping plate CjSV-22 "Pop Heart". This plate can create an endless variety of fun, pop art style designs. Use an array of bright, eye catching colors and have some fun with it!

We would love nothing more than to see all the wonderful designs you will come up with while you have some extra time on your hands. Please share your work with us on Instagram @clearjellystamper and be sure to tag us in the picture as well so that we can see them all. Hope you and your families stay safe and Happy Stamping My Friends!!!