In today's blog, we are going to introduce you to some of the accessories we carry and how to care for your CjS Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper products.

Nail Dust Brush

This is our nail dust brush that is used to remove dust from the nail bed after buffing it. Or you can have it sitting at your sink for people to use when washing their hands. To sanitize them, you can wash them with soap and warm water and dry well.

Clean-up Brush

This genuine crystal handled brush is chemical resistant (like all our nail brushes) and is sure to please every bling lover! Each brush comes with a cap for safe storage that also has an air hole in the top to allow your brush to properly air dry after use. To care for all of our brushes, keep them clean after each use to insure product doesn't harden in the bristles. If you are using it strictly for cleaning the smile line with polish and it hardens, you can dip the bristles in acetone or our CjS Plate Cleaner and wipe. Repeat until it is completely free of stamping polish.  Do not leave any brushes soaking in acetone or plate cleaner for an extended period of time as this could potentially destroy the brush.  Check out the variety of brushes we carry in the accessories category on our website.

CjS Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper Sticky Pad

Up until this beauty came along, a lot of us were using lint rollers that would often prove to be challenging. It would either stick to your arm or roll off the desk then you'd have to take the time to remove a sheet because it would be covered in all kinds of unwanted things. The CjS Sticky Pad is a wonderful addition to the Clear Jelly Stamper family because of its' design which makes it easy to use and store. This is a "Must Have" at your desk!

Prepping Tools

We have a few prepping tools on our site and they have a beautiful rainbow holographic look to them.  The one pictured here is Prepping Tool 2. When you are done using one of our prepping tools, sanitize them with soap and water, dry and store to keep clean until the next use.  To disinfect them if you've come into contact with a body fluid, sanitize first and then disinfect with a hospital grade disinfectant such as PreEmpt RTU. Always store in a dry, clean place.

Credit Card Style Scraper

These are our scrapers that come inside the box of every Clear Jelly Stamper that we have. You can also purchase extras in a 3 pack on our site.  Always remember to condition your new scraper before using to insure a clean scrape! By condition, we mean buff all 4 edges.  These are machine cut and there are microscopic plastic shards that can affect how well your polish scrapes off of the images on our layered stamping plates. 

CjS Clear Jelly Stamper Stamping Polish

We have a very large selection of CjS Clear Jelly Stamper Stamping Polishes in our inventory.  We have every color imaginable and some that you haven't even imagined! Pictured here is our 20pc Metallic Shimmer Stamping Polish Kit. Over time, your polishes may start to thicken but you can thin them out simply by adding a drop or 2 of lacquer thinner. Start by adding 1 drop and mixing it well. If it's still too thick, add another one. If your polish is too thick, it can affect whether or not it can be picked up by your Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper.

CjS Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper Layered Stamping Plates

We can't say it enough about our patented Layered Stamping Plates! You can create so many beautiful & colorful designs for your nails. The possibilities are endless. You just have to let your imagination take you there. To care for your stamping plates, clean them really well using our CjS Plate Cleaner or acetone. The preference is our plate cleaner because it was formulated to work for this purpose. If you don't have plate cleaner on hand, you can use acetone in a pinch. It is very important that you do not clean your plates with nail polish remover because most removers have oil in them and that can affect your stamping process. Your stamping plate needs to be 100% clean, dry and free of any residue. For storage, be sure to store them where they can be kept flat and they don't bend. A great place to store them is in one of our Large Plate Holders.

CjS Authentic Clear Jelly Stampers

Our Creme De La Creme! Our Patented Original Authentic selection of CjS Clear Jelly Stampers. These stampers are wonderful because of your ability to #seewhereyoustamp. Seeing where you stamp, makes it easier to line-up nail art images on the fingernail. The Big Bling XL Stamper (pictured above) is our large clear jumbo stamper designed for people who want full coverage of nail art images on the fingernail. But, don’t let that throw you off, this stamper is a great all-around stamper and is appropriate for small or large nail art. This jumbo stamper comes with protective caps and is adorned with crystal bling. The end caps protect your stamping head and act as a handy way to hold your stamper upright on your table. The base cap is adorned with bling and contains an extra stamping head. That’s a bonus because you have a backup stamper head and your stamper also looks great on your work surface. The other stamper pictured is our Crystal Double Stamper. The Crystal Double Stamper is a stamper with two different sizes of jelly stamper heads. Depending on the size of the image you want to lift, you now have options. This stamper comes with protective caps and is a coupling that is adorned with crystal bling. The end caps protect your stamping head and act as a handy way to hold your stamper upright on your table.

There is special care to exercise with your Clear Jelly Stampers to insure a long life:
*Always store with the cap on when not in use.
*Never wipe your jelly with anything! You can keep it clean by pressing it down on your CjS Sticky Pad. If you wipe your CjS Jelly Stamper with any solution, you risk making it cloudy and you will no longer be able to #seewhereyoustamp.
*If you want to wash it, you can do so in soapy warm water and pat dry on a clean piece of paper towel.
*You 'can' use a lint roller but be careful that it's not too sticky of a roller because it can damage and rip your CjS Clear Jelly Stamper.

To see all of the products we sell, take a trip through our website. Please share and tag us on Instagram @clearjellystamper so we can see your creations! We look forward to seeing what everyone creates. Happy Stamping my friends!!!