It is the time of year where the leaves have all fallen off the trees and a beautiful amount of snow covers everything like a frosty, white, cozy blanket. It leaves us thinking about decorating for the upcoming holiday season. This week's look was inspired by different shades of blue Christmas ornaments. We chose Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plate CjS C-38 Merry Chrismouse, CjS stamping polish colours #01, #02, #27, #32, #37 & #45. KoKo&Claire gel polish colours used for the base colours are #16, #27, #48 & #68.

Nail #1

The KoKo&Claire colour used is #48 Ocean View.  We stamped the full coverage tree design using #01 for the trees and #02 for the snow. Then we stamped one of the mice in the middle of the nail using #45 for the body, #27 for the ear and #01 for the finishing outline.  Then we stamped the words "So Cute" once with #02 and again with #01 slightly off from the original stamp to give it depth. Top coat with KoKo& Claire's Shine.

Nail #2

The KoKo&Claire gel polish colour used for this nail is #68 Echo Park. We chose a few random designs for this nail. The mouse's body was stamped using stamping polish #45, accented with #32 and outline stamped with #01. The fir tree was stamped with #01 first and then again with #02 just off centre for depth and the christmas balls stamped with #32. The heart was stamped with #02 & #37.  We finished off this nail with stamping the CjS logo using #02.  Every stamping plate has the Clear Jelly Logo etched into it. Top Coat with Shine & cure.

Nail #3

This nail is our favorite because the mice on this stamping plate are so adorable! We used KoKo&Claire gel polish #27 Wings Of An Angel. We started with the full nail design of the gift boxes by stamping the first layer (boxes) with stamping polish #27 and then stamping the second outlining layer using #01.  Each mouse was stamped with stamping polish #45 and the outlines with #01.  So Cute!!!

Nail #4

This nail was designed using KoKo&Claire gel polish colour #16 Sail the 7 Seas for the base colour. Then we stamped the floating mouse & "little mouse" with stamping polish #45, balloons and the word "Christmouse" with #27 and the outline with #01.

The completed set is just so darn cute. How can anybody not love this stamping plate? The wonderful thing about stamping and layered stamping is you can allow your imagination to create so many different looks. Clear Jelly Stamper offers any technician, no matter their level of experience, the ability to create amazing nail art.  We would love to see what you create so please tag us on Instagram @clearjellystamper.  Happy Stamping My Friends!!!