We are going to go over the most common challenges that Clear Jelly Stamper users experience.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carrie Johnson and I am a CjS Lead Educator and, now, the Wholesale Sales Rep for CjS. My main goal is to insure that every person out there using CjS is happily stamping without frustration. I recently had the opportunity to demo our product this last weekend at an Open House at one of our Distributors in Edmonton, AB. As people sat down at my desk, I asked every one of them the same question...”Is there anything you are having issues with?” Every single one of them had at least one. These were the most common issues:

1) I can’t seem to pick up fine images.

* Make sure your stamping plate is completely clean and dry before applying stamping polish.
* Apply your stamping polish in one direction and scrape it off the stamping plate in the opposite direction. This will guarantee you have stamping polish in every part of the image.
* Pressure and angles are very important with stamping. You will pick up images much more successfully if you use a feathery, rolling motion over your image. If you use too much pressure or press straight down, you’re likely to not pick it up cleanly.

Side note: Your Clear Jelly Stamper is delicate so using too much pressure picking up the image or pressing it down on the nail, can cause a tear in the jelly. Be tender with the Jelly

2) Sometimes part of the background is missing after I scrape the stamping polish off.


* Make sure you are stamping on a hard surface. Stamping on a manicure pad or sponge will unable you to hold the plate flat.
* Hold your stamping plate down with one hand while you scrape with the other. The large plates don’t sit completely flat so if you don’t push it down while you’re scraping the polish, the center of your image will likely be missing.
* Be sure to apply a sufficient amount of stamping polish. Not applying enough stamping polish will dry it out too quickly and it won’t pick up.
* Hold your scraper at a 45 degree angle when scraping off the stamping polish. Holding it straight up perpendicular to the plate, will cause you to scrape too much off.

3) Part of the outline, words, etc don’t pick up.

* Make sure your plate is clean and dry. If you don’t have a squeaky clean plate, there might be dried stamping polish in the image already. The new stamping polish can’t get in there.
* Scrape in the opposite direction as you applied the stamping polish to make sure there is polish in every crevice.
* You don’t have to be super speedy but you don’t want to wait too long or the stamping polish will dry out and can’t be picked up.
* Have everything prepared and ready to go so that you’re not wasting time looking for things.

4) My gel topcoat pulls away from the image.

* The Clear Jelly Stamper leaves a bit of a residue on the nail so it can cause gel to pull away and leave pockets. To avoid this, take a dry wipe and scrub the nail after you’ve stamped it. The image is dry so it’s not going to go anywhere. This will remove the residue and BAM! ..success! I just recently learned this trick from the awesome @chrissiepearcenails and it changed my world.

5) My stamping smears when I put my topcoat on.

* If you’re using nail polish, use our “Smear Not” topcoat. It was designed to work well with our stamping polish.
* If you’re using gel, it’s about pressure. Don’t brush the gel on. Do more of a floating action to cover the image.

6) When I scrape the stamping polish off, it leaves a lot of streaks.

* Depending on the intensity of the streaks, the Clear Jelly Stamper won’t pick up the streaks. If the streaks are drastic, then it’s likely you needed to condition your scraper before you used it.

Side note:
The scrapers are machine cut so if you don’t file or buff the edges, there will be little tiny jagged pieces that will affect your scraping.

The Clear Jelly Stamper family is always here to help you whether it be myself, Debbie, the awesome people at Head Office or all of our current, wonderful users. Ask us anything!! I hope these pointers helped you and give you lots of stamping success. Happy stamping my friends!!!