🧡 Let's Go Nude!! 🤎

We are very excited about the recent release of our "In The Buff" Collection that includes 4 different 8x8 stamping plates, 12pc Stamping Polish colors and 12pc Koko&Claire gel polishes. We have a great bundle price for you to get all 26 items for just $179.95US!! You can also purchase all of these products separately! I know you will be as much in love with these designs and colors as we are!

First we have the following 4 "In the Buff" stamping plates:

CjS-195 - The Nude Series - Dare to Bare

CjS-196 - The Nude Series - Au Naturel

CjS-204 - The Nude Series - Sensual

CjS-205 - The Nude Series - In the Buff

You can stamp an endless amount of fun "Nude" designs using the following

CjS Stamping Polishes:

#122 - Linen, #93 - Negligee

Use the following colors for the base from Koko&Claire:

#341 - Truffle - Rich Chocolate Brown

#342 - Espresso - Spicy, Redwood Brown

#343 - Java - Americano with a splash of milk! Hickory Brown.

#344 - Coffee Bean - Gorgeous Tawny Brown

#345 - Gingerbread - Looks just like grandma's famous gingerbread dough!

#346 - Chestnut - Medium Brown with a hint of pink.

#347 - Late - Oat-milk Latte anyone? Creamy Khaki!

#348 - Peach - Soft, neutral peach.

#349 - Milkshake - Creamy Vanilla with a hint of pink.

#350 - Angelfood - Medium Nude Pink

#351 - Linen - Lovely, light clay.

#352 - Marshmallow - Soft, semi-sheer white

We want to see all of the creations you will come up with using all of these collections! Make sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram using @clearjellystamper so that we can love & share. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stamping my friends!!