Step 1: Set up all of your supplies before beginning.  If you have everything you need handy and ready to go, it can help with the success of your stamping.  For example, if you're having to look for your scraper, the stamping polish might dry a bit which will affect your pick-up.

Step 2: Always clean your CjS layered stamping plates before using to remove any dust and/or oils.  Using our Plate Cleaner is recommended but, if you don't have any on hand, you can use Acetone or a nail polish remover that contains Acetone but no oils.

Step 3: Apply our PROtect around the cuticle and the skin beside the natural nail. It does contain Latex so if you are allergic to it, you can use reinforcements as an option and cut them to fit. When you first brush it on, it will appear pink and it will go almost clear once it is dry.  After you are done stamping, simply peel it off. You can use a pointed q-tip dipped in polish remover to remove any other polish left on the skin.

Step 4: Choose what colors of CjS stamping polish you want to use for your designs. Shake the polish well before using.  Apply a sufficient amount of polish over the design in one direction and immediately scrape off the excess in the opposite direction. This helps to prevent air bubbles that will look like tiny voids in your image. Scrape off the polish holding your scraper at the belly (middle) and allow it to bend at a 45 degree angle.  After scraping the polish off, there will be streaks but don't worry!! The CjS stamper will not pick the streaks up.

Step 5: Immediately after scraping the polish off, you will want to roll your Clear Jelly Stamper over the image with a FEATHERY TOUCH from left to right. It's a quick flick of the wrist. Your pressure is correct if the shape of the jelly does not change. If you are squishing the jelly then, remember, too much pressure. This technique is especially important for the success of picking up fine lines.

Step 6: Once the image is on the CjS stamper, clean up any excess images with either your fingernail, the scraper or the corner of your Clear Jelly Stamper Sticky Pad. Hold the stamper onto the nail and hold it in place for a few seconds and gently pull the stamper away. If you notice that part of the image isn't releasing from the stamper, hold it down a little bit longer and then roll the stamper into the image and off.

Step 7: If an image has quite a few pieces to it, the trick to lining things up properly (if there's an outline) is to stamp the outline first, fill in the pieces and then stamp the outline again and it will be perfection!

Step 8: Now it's clean-up time so remove the PROtect, clean up anything else and then apply a coat of our CjS Smear Not Top Coat. Be sure to float it on which means having a little extra on the brush so that you are not dry brushing it on.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions, you can email myself at education@clearjellystamper.com. Please share your amazing designs with us by tagging us at @ClearJellyStamper on Instagram! Hope you are all loving stamping with the Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper as much as I am!!  HAPPY STAMPING MY FRIENDS💖💖💖💖💖