Nothing screams spring quiet like fresh flowers.  So why not draw on some seasonal inspiration and up your nail game with a bouquet inspired mani! But how do you choose?! We've picked our top floral ideas for you to test and try.  

There's nothing quiet as classic, timeless, or traditional, than roses. Used to represent love and romance, roses are a great accent to any nail art look you're creating. Stick to red for a timeless glam that can't be beat, try black for an edgy elegance or add a skull accent to bring out your inner rock and roller. Take your rose game one step further and use a glitter polish for extra oomph. If you’re feeling extra creative, skip the stamping and create your own roses using a dotting tool. 

  • Follow your usual nail routine and paint your nails a solid colour 
  • Using your dotting tool, make three dots on your nail in a different colour. The dots don’t have to be perfect and you can place them wherever you like. If you find three looks crowded, try doing just two. 
  • Use the fine end of the dotting tool or a thin nail brush and another colour, starting from the middle of the circle working outwards in like you’re drawing the letter C repeatedly. Be sure not to blend too much or you’ll lose your rose effect. 
  • Finish with a top coat and get your chic rose manicure ready for Instagram! 

    Want something a little less conventional? Go for bold and bright with sunflowers. This colourful choice will brighten up even the simplest manicure. Try experimenting with different colours or try stretching your nail art over several nails for a composite design you’re sure to love. 

    Don’t forget the accents! While we love floral nail art, combine it with leaves, swirls, and more to create a completely custom look. Or layer your Clear Jelly Stamper nail art to create flowers as unique as you are!