Spring is in the air which means people are going to want fun and colorful. If you struggle to create nail art designs, the best thing to do is be aware of your surroundings and use it for inspiration. This look was inspired by a cute Cupid statue on display at a winery in Kelowna, BC

Look at it and break down what colors you would like to use to create a coordinating look. We created the 3 solid nails by painting a base gel color and then, using a lighter color, dabbed it sparatically over the whole nail. We then dipped the brush in alcohol and lightly let the lighter color run then cured it. On the other 2 nails, we painted them with a white gel paint and cured.

On the white nails, we wanted to recreate the cracked porcelain look so we used our stamping plate #CJS-51. Using the pattern shown, stamp the design using our black stamping polish. Then we used our nail stamping plate CJSLC-20. CJS nail stamping polish colors used to create the grape & leaf designs: #014, #016, #009 & #011. Helpful hint: When doing a layered stamping design, stamp the outline first in the color you plan on using at the end. Then you know exactly where to place the grapes and the leaves. This is the fool proof way to get your stamping items exactly where they should be. Don’t forget to re-stamp the outline again once you’ve stamped all the other colors.

Keep your eyes open and when something beautiful catches your eye, turn it into your next nail design!! Happy stamping!!