Spring is in full swing and soon all the creatures that come with it will be out and about. Butterflies represent the beginning of a new chapter in life. The time to evaluate your life as it is and make choices to manifest change. Some people believe that butterflies represent the soul of a lost loved one and they come around us to remind us that life is precious and we are always surrounded by love that we cannot see. Whatever butterflies mean to you, they are beautiful & unique. In today's blog, I have done a set using Clear Jelly Stamper's layered stamping plate collaborated with @chrissiepearcenails CjSLC-03 "Chrissie Pearce's Butterfly". I have used KoKo & Claire gel polishes throughout all of today's designs.


Nail #1

This nail was painted with one layer of KoKo & Claire 089 "Pretty in Pink" and then I used 092 "Where's the Party" diagonally on the lower part of the nail. Then I used 045 KoKo over top of the entire nail to give it a shimmery look. Using a loose glitter, I outlined the separation of colors with different sized glitter for a different look. For the nail stamping, I used #5 'Wild Child' as the base of the butterfly, #47 'Lilac Ice" for the detail and the outline & swirl with #1 'More Like 1AM' which are all Original Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes.


Nail #2

This nail was done using the same KoKo & Claire gel polish colors along with the same loose glitter. The butterfly was stamped using #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It'
for the body, #47 'Lilac Ice' for the detail and #5 'Wild Child' for the outline. The nail art stamping polish used for the lower swirl and the flower is #1 "More Like 1AM'. The upper swirls and the outline of the flower were done using CjS stamping polish #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It'.


Nail #3

This beautiful nail was stamped using #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' for the body of the upper butterfly, detail stamped with #47 'Lilac Ice' and the outline stamped with #1 "More Like 1AM'. The swirl down the center was stamped with Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polish #2 "Jenny's Gonna Love It'. The lower butterfly was stamped with #5 'Wild Child' for the body, #1 "More Like 1AM' for the detail and #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' for the outline.


Nail #4

Again, using KoKo & Claire gel polish colors 089 'Pretty In Pink', 092 'Where's The Party' and 045 'KoKo', prepare the nail. Line the separation of colors with whatever style of glitter you prefer. The butterfly in this design was stamped with CjS stamping polishes #47 'Lilac Ice' for the body, #1 'More Like 1AM' for the detail & antennas and #5 'Wild Child' for the outline. The swirls were stamped with #1 'More Like 1AM'.


Nail #5

Last but not least, this design was stamped with Clear Jelly Stamper's nail art stamping polishes #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' for the body of the butterfly and one of the swirls. #47 'Lilac Ice' was used for the other swirl. #1 'More Like 1AM' CjS stamping polish was used for the detail in the butterfly and the outline was stamped using stamping polish #5 'WIld Child'.


That completes the full set for this week's blog and it is fresh, fun, bright and makes you feel good. There's nothing sweeter than the new signs of Spring. We would love to see your creations using this layered stamping plate so make sure to post on social media and TAG us @clearjellystamper on your photo so that we are sure to see it and share it as well. Hope life finds you well and Happy Stamping my friends!!