4 Must-Have Tools to Nail those Easter Nail Designs

Get the jump on Easter nail designs with these super useful nail tools.

Image Source: lina88makeup


As we get closer to the Easter holiday, ideas for fun and creative Easter nail designs have probably started crowding your nail art board on Pinterest. From sweet bunny-inspired nail art to colourful Easter eggs to the more traditional Jesus-inspired designs, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what look you’d like to apply to your own nails.

To help you get those designs right the first time, we’ve created a list of our favourite Easter nail art tools.


1. Stamping Plates

The most important and most useful tool to pick up for your Easter nail designs is a stamping plate, or three. Stamping plates may take a little bit of practice to master, but once you’ve developed some stamping skills, these plates can elevate your nail art. Some of our favourite Easter-inspired plates include:

  • Easter 2 & Easter 3 – These plates are an Easter staple. With cute bunnies, chicks, eggs, and bows, these plates can help you create nail art that’s as sweet as the basket of candy you got from the Easter Bunny.
  • Peter Cottontails Easter Eggs – This plate provides the ultimate template for egg-inspired designs. Grab some of your favourite pastel polishes and create bright and beautiful Easter egg nail designs.
  • Christian Plate 1 – Hooked on Jesus – To celebrate the real reason behind the Easter season, use this plate to adorn your fingertips with all things holy. From faith-filled sayings to Noah’s ark, there’s a little something for everyone. 


2. Plate Pouches

As your Easter nail design tool stash grows, you’ll need a home for your plates. Stamping plate pouches are the perfect solution. From holographic to pretty pink pouches, you can customize your storage tools any way you’d like.


3. Perfect Pastel Polish

Traditionally, pastel colours have been a tried and true spokesperson for the Easter holiday.  From baby boy blue to pretty pink and everything in between, an Easter-inspired nail design wouldn’t be complete without at least one of these colours:

  • Jenny’s Gonna Love it!! – To honour the bunny, this white polish will definitely come in handy.
  • Bubble Pop Pink – This cutesy pink is absolutely perfect for bows, flowers, and Easter-eggs.
  • You are my Sunshine – Make that chick chirp with this bright, eye-catching yellow.
  • CJ’s PJs – This oh so sweet hue is great for adding a touch of blue to Easter egg designs.
  • I Brought Beverages – This purple polish can add the finishing touch to nearly any Easter nail design.


4. Beautiful Brushes

Every nail art addict knows that brushes are worth their weight in gold (or Easter eggs!). Silicone brushes are so versatile and can really go a long way in pushing your easy Easter nail art into something truly outstanding.

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