Welcome Warmer Weather with Stunning Spring Nail Designs

Embrace the upcoming season with artfully mastered spring nail designs.

Image Source: @uniquenailsbymonique


If you’ve already started shopping for your new spring wardrobe, you’ve probably done a little research into what colours and styles are going to be popular this year. Among the stripes, florals, and nautical details, you may have forgotten about incorporating your spring nail designs. Don’t worry – that’s where we come in. Here’s a peek into this season’s hottest nail designs.


2017 Spring Colours

It’s all about that colour. You can elevate your spring nail designs from cute to O-M-G by making a smart nail polish colour choice. Some of the on-trend colours this spring, according to Pantone, include:


2017 Spring Designs

Negative space – this super edgy trend is popping up in spring nail designs everywhere. The next time you want to use a stamping plate to achieve that super stylish springtime nail art, skip the basecoat colour. Instead, stamp your design onto a nude nail, and you’re guaranteed to ace that spring-inspired nail design.

Super simple flowers – flowers are a springtime staple since they start popping up everywhere once the snow takes its leave. To recreate a dewy meadow full of sweet and fragrant flowers, use the Floral Swirl stamping plates to add a simple touch of spring to your tips.

Sweet Songbirds – You know springtime is on its way when the birds start to sing. For an ode-to-birds nail design, grab the Itty Bitty Birds stamping plate and get to work. These super detailed birds will give your nail design an edge. Be sure to use on-point polish colours to really maximize your efforts.

New-ish Neutrals – Neutral-coloured tips are all the buzz this spring. Remember sitting at your desk in class painting your fingernails with Wite-Out®? We do! And that’s why we love seeing this look in style. To mix trends, leave your nail bare and stamp a white butterfly on your accent nail for an instant nail design winner. 


2017 Spring Nail Shapes

You’ve no doubt witnessed the trends over previous years. From short, blunt nails that look chewed off to stiletto-point tips, each season carries its own brand of nail shapes. Here’s a look at some of this year’s popular springtime shapes:

  • Oval – this timeless shape will continue to be popular for decades to come. When in doubt, always go with an oval shape.
  • Almond – almond-shaped fingernails is one of the hottest looks this season. It’s chic, classy, and super feminine.
  • Round – like oval, this shape will stand the test of time.


If your must-have spring nails include the use of a stamping plate, brush up on your stamping skills by reading our previous post: 9 Tips to Help Your Master Stamping with Clear Stampers.


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