In a world where there is an epidemic that is leaving us all worried about our personal & professional futures, there are angels among us that are putting their lives on the line. We often recognize the firefighters, policemen, soldiers, etc but we rarely look at the healthcare professionals who are in direct contact with the ill.  COVID-19 is in our backyards and, unlike the nurses & doctors, we can all isolate ourselves in our homes to stay safe. Clear Jelly Stamper wants to thank each and every healthcare worker that is doing their best to control this epidemic and to heal the ones who are suffering from it. Our hearts truly hold a lot of love and appreciation for your efforts. In support of these unsung heroes, we have created a layered stamping plate to showcase these angels among us. In this week's blog, in conjunction with layered stamping plate CjSLC-53 "Coffee, Scrubs, Rubber Gloves", we incorporated stamping polish colors that represent healing in one fashion or another.


We used the following colors from our nail stamping polish collection that represent healing properties:

Red - brings warmth, energy & stimulation. It is good for energy. CjS stamping polish #62 "Vixen"

- is warm, cheering and non-constricting. CjS stamping polish #22 "Clementine"

- strengthens the nerves and mind. CjS stamping polish #8 "You Are My Sunshine"

- is the color of nature and earth. Possesses a soothing influence. CjS stamping polish #12 "Glee Tree Green"

- cooling, electric & is one of the greatest antiseptics. CjS stamping polishes #10 "Gotta Be Blue" & #37 "Caribbean Dream"

- benefits mental conditions. CjS stamping polish #16 "Shiraz"

- color of transformation. Heals hysteria. CjS stamping polish #18 "I Brought Beverages"

- stimulates adrenaline and heart activities. CjS stamping polish #5 "Wild Child"


Nail #1

Nursing is definitely a 'work of heart'. Nurses are on the front line dealing directly with patients on a daily basis. They are the ones that most often provide the most care and support. In this layered stamping design, we chose the following nail art stamping polish colors: #62 "Vixen", #8 "You Are My Sunshine", #12 "Glee Tree Green" & #18 "I Brought Beverages".


Nail #2

This one word stamp is used over and over, layering "Nurse" over top of each other using 9 of the healing colors. Nurses provide so much healing through caring unselfishly for their patients.  It takes a special person to be a Nurse. Clear Jelly Stamper nail art stamping polishes used in this design: #37 "Caribbean Dream", #5 "Wild Child", #16 "Shiraz, #12 "Glee Tree Green", #10 "Gotta Be Blue", #62 "Vixen", #18 "I Brought Beverages", #8 "You Are My Sunshine & #22 "Clementine".


Nail #3

Just as life runs through our veins, so does the faith and support of all the individuals who work countless, tireless hours to serve and protect all the people who need healing and care. This design sums up the meaning of all of this.  The CjS nail art stamping polish colors used are: #37 "Caribbean Dream", #5 "Wild Child", #16 "Shiraz", #12 "Glee Tree Green", #10 "Gotta Be Blue" & #62 "Vixen".


Next time you get the chance, please give a loving wave or a caring smile to a healthcare professional. I know a hug or a handshake is more deserving but social distancing won't allow that at this time. Any form of appreciation would be greatly appreciated.  Show your appreciation by creating some nail art and sharing it on social media. We know you can't work on clients but we'd love to see what you can come up with on display tips. It's a way to show our appreciation in a unique way. Please share your creations with us by tagging @clearjellystamper on Instagram on your photos. Tagging us will insure we see them and then we can share them. Please keep yourself and yours safe from harm! Happy stamping my friends!