💅🏽Fun With CjS💖

Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping is taking the world by storm. It is truly a revolutionary nail art item that has been a game changer for all levels of ability. Beginner nail technicians can bang out impressive nail art without having to have years of experience under their belt. Intermediate to Advanced nail technicians
can provide beautiful nail art without having to spend a ton of time hand painting. CjS truly is a time saver that provides the opportunity to add some additional income to your day.

Clear Jelly Stamper isn't just for the certified nail technician. It is user-friendly for the everyday consumer that has an interest and passion for making their own nails pretty. It's a great product to use on children and it can make for a fun-filled day of beauty in the comfort of your own home.

Clear Jelly Stamper can bring friends together for an evening get-together of snacks, refreshments and fun nail art creations. It isn't just for nails either! CjS nail stamping is great on toes too. Maybe you're having a group of friends over and you need to distinguish which wine glass belongs to who. Instead of wine charms, how about choosing a layered stamping design and stamp the base of each glass with a different image? With all the stamping plates available, you are sure to create an image to match everybody's personality.

You can stamp your favorite coffee cup, glass, thermos, travel mug, eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phone, mirrors,etc. Maybe you're a crafter who makes wood signs, decorative jars, candle holders, handmade greeting cards and so on. Our stamping polish is similar to nail polish but it has 4 times the pigment which makes the designs really stand out. It will stick to any surface and it won't rub off easily because it dries to a durable finish. It won't last as long without a protective coating of some kind but it will still last quite awhile on glass and ceramic. If you want to remove it, simply use nail polish remover.

Now that I've put some ideas in your head, we would love to see all your creations you come up with! Please post your work on IG and make sure to tap on your picture and TAG us right on the photo. We will be sure to see it and share it. Happy Stamping my friends!!