5 Hot Halloween Designs Made with Nail Stamping Plates

For spook-tacular tips, check out some of these cute and creepy Halloween-inspired nail designs created with nail stamping plates.


Whether you’ve been planning your Halloween costume for the last five months or last five minutes, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your fingertips look fiercely festive. Unlike other holidays, Halloween is the one time where almost anything goes, style-wise. With that being said, go ahead, get creative, get crazy, and put your nail stamping plates to work.


  1. The Frankenstein French Mani 

 Source: mindynailedit

This monster mani is perfect for adding a little fun and creepiness to a traditional French manicure. Start by applying a basecoat to your fingernails. Then, apply coloured nail polish to just the tips. You can use a stamper with a french tip plate or vinyls to achieve this look with ease. Once the tips are dry, stamp (or freehand) the image of stitches using black polish where the coloured polish meets the basecoat.


  1. Undead Nail Designs


Source: sliced_silence

If you want to look like you (barely) survived the zombie apocalypse, you need to try this spooky nail art design. This intense design is all about pretending you just received the worst manicure ever. Using a sponge and some black nail polish, lightly dab your nails randomly. Once that dries, apply  a sheer coat of nude polish. Then just incorporate some faux blood onto the tips using a red polish. This unsettling look is so easy to achieve and hardly requires any nail art tools.



  1. Spooky Spider Webs

Source: clairestelle8

What’s scarier than spiders? Nothing. To achieve a sexy, spidery look, grab a stamper, a web plate and your paints! Decal making time! You can mix and match colour combinations, play around with placement, and incorporate creepy crawlies if you want to. Now matter how it looks in the end, it’s bound to be spooky.



  1. Ghastly Graveyard Scenes

Source: sharnailstar

For a really fun nail design, recreate a graveyard complete with boo-tiful ghosts, pumpkins, and tombstones. You can craft this fun and festive design using nail stamping plates and a stamper. Magnetic polish provides the ideal backdrop for this amazing scene! Incorporate a stunning silver holo as your moon to add some serious dimension! For a little extra bling, try adding star or moon-shaped gemstones before applying a topcoat. 



  1. The Blood Splatter Special

Source: yvonneand5

This Dexter inspired design is as simplistic as it is scary, and it’ll go with practically any costume, even a cutesy one. Start by painting the base of your nail a solid white. To make the white really stand out, apply at least two coats. Once dry, apply liquid tape (PROtect from Clear Jelly Stamper) to protect your cuticles and make clean up a breeze. This is where the fun begins. Using a straw, dip one end into a little puddle of blood-red nail polish and hover it about two to three inches above your nail. OK, now blow through the straw. Voila – blood splatter. Repeat until each nail is covered in splattered polish.  


For festive nail art designs that focus on fall instead of Halloween, take a look at some of the creative designs in our previous post: Nail Stamping Ideas: Fun & Festive Fall Nail Designs.


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