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    We don’t want to admit it but Fall is in the air and it’s right around the corner. Leaves are slowly beginning to make their transition from green to all the beautiful & rich colors that Fall brings. Even though we mourn the end of Summer, it does bring thoughts of drinking hot coffee under a warm blanket on a crisp morning. There’s a comfortable, soothing feeling that comes with that. Espresso may not solve all of your problems but it’s worth a “shot”! This week’s look was inspired by the comforts of Fall.

    Clear Jelly Stamper has two plates that are perfect to achieve a combined look of fall colors and hot coffee. Stamping plates CJS-86 Forever Autumn and CJS-89 Roasted.

    For this design, we used KoKo & Claire gel polishes #070 Deepest Grape, #006 Ray of Sunshine, #022 Safari Sunset and #017 Spicy Chili.

    Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes we used #001 More Like 1 AM, #020 Copper Hint, #028 Pretty Penny, #060 Antique Lustre and #063 Scarlet Letter.

    Step by step instructions: Always prepare the natural nail by lightly buffing off the shine and cleaning the nail. Apply a coat of KoKo & Claire’s base coat and cure.

    Nail #1:

    Using all 4 KoKo & Claire gel colors as shown above, paint a geometrical design curing slightly between color applications. Once cured, apply a coat of KoKo & Claire’s “Shine” topcoat and cure. Shine works like a magnet for stamping which makes it so much easier! Using stamping plate CJS-86 Forever Autumn, we stamped the words using stamping polishes #20, #63 and #60.

    Nail #2:

    Used gel polish #022 Safari Sunset for the full color. Then using leaves from stamping plate CJS-86 Forever Autumn, we used stamping polish colors #20, #28, and #63 to give the cool effect of real leaves. Finished them off by stamping the stems with #60 and ‘Falling Leaves’ with #1.

    Nail #3:

    Used gel polish color #070 Deepest Grape for the full color. Used stamping plate CJS-89 Roasted, we used stamping polish #28 Pretty Penny for the heart shaped coffee beans and #20 Copper Hint for the lettering.

    Nail #4:

    Used all 4 gel polish colors shown above to achieve this marble look. Painted the nail with #006 Ray of Sunshine and, before curing, apply dots of the other 3 colors. Then using the CJS Detail Brush, lightly swirl the colors together.

    There’s no right or wrong way to do this so create your unique design. Cure. Use stamping plate CJS-89, we stamped the word Coffee a few times with #1 stamping polish.

    Nail #5:

    Used gel polish #17 Spicy Chili for the full color. We then stamped the whole nail with the coffee bean pattern from plate CJS-89 using stamping polish #60 Antique Lustre. Then we chose random leaves from plate CJS-86 and used stamping polishes #20, #28 and #63 to create fall leaf colors. Stamped the leaf outlines with #1.

    Finish off all of the nails with a coat of KoKo & Claire’s Shine and watch the unbe-leaf-able colors come alive right in front of your eyes! Let us see your creations!! Happy Stamping my friends!!!



    I’m sure you are wondering if this is true and if all polishes are created equally. The answer to the first question is YES and the answer to the latter is NO! Now......would you like to know why? Well let me tell you.

    You can stamp with some regular polishes, however, it’s hit or miss as to which ones will work. This will all depend on how much pigment the manufacturer uses in the polishes. Polish with minimal pigment is tricky to lift and if you do manage to lift it, it will often appear transparent or see-thru on the nail. Be very cautious when using lower quality polishes because they can stain your Clear Jelly Stamper. With our clear stampers, most good quality stamping polishes will work well. If you find lifting difficult or you’re not getting complete images, it’s almost a guarantee that there isn’t enough pigment in the polish you’re using.

    Not all stamping polish was created with our clear stamper in mind. Clear stampers are a completely different material than older style stampers (the firm & marshmallow style) and our stamper will lift more easily with a highly pigmented polish.

    Clear Jelly Stamping polish is hyper pigmented. Most of our polishes have 4 times the amount of pigment than even a regular stamping polish. This will make lifting images much more successful & satisfying!

    I hope you found this information to be helpful. If you have any questions about our stamping polishes or clear stampers, please contact us. We are always here to help! Happy stamping my friends!



    This week’s look was created by looking in your closet and finding an item that will inspire a design. In this design, we used a pretty purple blouse with colorful pink flowers. Clear Jelly Stamper has many different flower plates so it wasn’t difficult to find one to match the item. Start by getting your stamping polishessteel stamping plates, big bling stamper and your sticky pad set up. Decide which gel nail color or nail polish you want as the base color. In this design, we used “London Fog” by Fuzion.

    Prepare the artificial or natural nails with your base color and then let’s start stamping! In this look, we used stamping plate CJS-82 ‘Sketched Garden’ for most of the design and we used CJS- 83 ‘Garden Letters’ for the ‘CJS’ lettering. There are 3 plates in this collection. If you purchase CJS- 81 ‘Watercolour Garden’, CJS -82 ‘Sketched Garden’ and CJS- 83 ‘Garden Letters’, you get all 3 for the price of 2 which is a great deal!

    To match the flowers, we used #70 ‘Magnolia’ as the base colour for the leaves and outlined with #60 ‘Antique Lustre’. The fun thing about stamping a design to match your item is, if the colours match or are close, any design will look great! We stamped the flowers using #05 ‘Wild Child’ and #40 ‘Pass the Piñot’ and then stamped the outline with #60 ‘Antique Lustre’.

    To finish off the look, we used letters on stamping plate CJS-83 ‘Garden Letters’ with stamping polish #70 ‘Magnolia’ and stamped ‘CJS’.

    These have such a pretty and classic look. Hope this has inspired you! Happy stamping my friends!



    Golf season is in full swing!! There’s nothing like taking that first step onto the first tee in the early morning with dew still on the ground. The wonderful smell of freshly cut grass and the cool morning air hitting your face. There’s no better place to be for the avid golfer. So why not sport some Summer nail art on your nails using our Sports Plate CJS-LC91.


     There are so many options with this stamping plate so have fun with it! Whether you’re the golfer or there’s a special someone in your life who loves the game, make a colorful creation that will make people jealous of your cute nail designs.

    To achieve this look, we used the following nail stamping polishes: #1 More Like 1am, #2 Jenny’s Gonna Love It, #9 REDy for Anything, #10 Gotta Be Blue, #11 Dolla Dolla Bill, #19 Miss Maggie Mae & #29 Chloe. You can achieve any of this look using the Big Bling XL Stamper or the Crystal Double Stamper. It’s also nice to have the CJS Sticky Pad to keep your clear Jelly stamper clean in between images.

    The base colours used for this design were Fuzion’s Neonz Green, Coulourz Mint, Pastelz Green and Sparklez Emerald. These require a UV/LED cure. You can also use Clear Jelly Stamping polishes as a base as long as you allow sufficient drying time before stamping.

    Top your designs off with a high shine UV/LED gel or Clear Jelly’s ‘Smear Not’ Top coat.

    The sky is the limit my friends so tee up that stamper and drive it home. Happy Stamping!! ⛳️

















    Visiting the tropics can mean so many different things to so many people. For some it brings relaxation and rejuvenation. For others it rekindles love or sparks a new romance. Staring out into the sea makes people reflect on their lives and reassess what is important. There is something so pure and peaceful sitting and listening to the waves crash against the shore while the palm trees sway with the wind. It brings you back to life again. A few of mother nature’s many beautiful creations. This week’s look was inspired by this!

    Creating this look was fun because there are no limits to the colours you can use. In tropical paradise you are surrounded by vibrancy and stunningly bright colours. The products used in this look are specifically Fuzion “I Like it on Top” UV/LED gels but you can also use your favourite nail polishes. Clear Jelly Stamping polishes are not only great for stamping; they make an excellent base colour as well. When using polishes as a base colour, be sure to allow sufficient drying time before starting your stamping designs. The Fuzion gels used in this design are “Hundred Dollar Bills” “Buzzed On Suds” “Saddle Up” & “Black 101”.

    We could not pick just one plate to use for these designs. We used the hibiscus flower & the palm tree leaves from stamping plate CJS-57. For the sunset silhouette we used the circle for the island and the palm trees from plate CJS-79. The gecko, the turtle and the scorpion also came from plate CJS-79. And, last but not least, the cute little pineapple came from plate CJS LC-22.

    The Clear Jelly Stamping polishes used in this design are #01 More like 1am, #12 Glee tree green, #20 Copper hint, #30 Plum crazy, #31 You had me at chocolate, #37 Caribbean dream & #54 I’m a Barbie girl. Take your time to stop and enjoy the moment my friends. Breathe in every sweet scent of life and really look at the beauty that surrounds you. This world provides so many opportunities to observe its’ brilliance. Happy stamping!!