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    Clear Stampers: The Must-Have Nail Art Accessory

    Clear Stampers: The Must-Have Nail Art Accessory
    Nail art stampers have been around for a few years now, allowing nail technicians and do-it-yourselfers to apply perfectly polished nail art to fingertips. However, there’s a new industry-leading tool available that’s making the job easier ...

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    Check out Clear Jelly Stamper in Nail It! online magazine!

    "If you’ve ever tried nail stamping, one of the main challenges (especially with complicated layered stamping) is positioning your stamper over your nail exactly right so that your design lines up on your nail the way you want it to – and not sideways (or worse, upside down!).

    Debbie Duxbury, a nail tech and educator in the nail industry – thought the answer was simple, so she developed her own see-through stamping head, which is now patent pending [...]

    Read the full review: http://www.nailitmag.com/clear-stamper