💖You Stamped On What?!?!💅

Have you ever thought outside the box?  The Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper
isn't just for nails!!  What's stopping you from stamping any of your favorite
items to personalize them?  In today's blog, we are going to showcase some
of our dedicated customers' creations and the items they stamped on.  The 
above picture was created by @aboutunailstudio using our layered stamping 
plate CjS-75 "On Pointe" along with a little bit of KoKo & Claire gel polish 
musical notes.  Stamping polishes used #39 "Teal Or No Deal", #85 Teal Me 
Off The Ceiling" and #1 "More Like 1AM".

Here are a few more keychains created by @aboutunailstudio!

CjS layered stamping plate used CjS-91 "Sports Fan"
CjS-203 "Grunge Series - Sports".  CjS nail stamping polishes used:
#1 "More Like 1AM", #22 "Clementine" and #10 "Gotta Be Blue".

Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate used CjSLC-75 "Purrr-fect" &
nail stamping polishes used: #1 "More Like 1AM", Neon 01 "Pink-a-boo"
and #6 "KaPink".

CjS layered stamping plate used in this design is CjS-203 "Grunge
Series - Sports".  Clear Jelly Stamper nail stamping polishes used:
In The Coconut".

These were all made custom for someone who wanted special gifts
for their kids who all have their own interests.

That's the wonderful thing about Clear Jelly Stamper designs.  We have
so many plates to choose from and every possibility is available for
creation. Here are a few more ideas on what to stamp on.  They are 
pictures that were submitted by customers.  They did not share what
plates or polishes they used but they will inspire you to create your own

Thank you to Delanie Campbell for this submission.  How cute is this?!
You could use one of our alphabet layered stamping plates to personalize
them for that special someone.

Check out how Donna Shuey-Price personalized this wine glass. It's

All I can say is WOW. This would have taken some time but well worth the work. This is gorgeous. Thank you to Brooke Redmond Dunagan for this special creation.

Susan Painting created this little gem. It's simple but sweet. What a great idea!!!

This is really pretty and I love the way it looks. Thank you to Karen 
Gibbon Owen for this wonderful idea!!

Take some time and look around your house to see if there is 
something you can create designs on using our Original Clear Jelly
Stamper(s) and our layered stamping plates and please post them 
on IG tagging us on the picture! We want to see those creations so
that we can like and share. Be part of inspiring others!!

💖💖💖💖Happy Stamping My Friends!!💖💖💖💖