Another year has come and gone and 2021 brought a lot of new products, new
layered stamping plates and a lot of creations shared by our customers.  The new plates that we release regularly are exciting but the two favorite products that we released in 2021 are our two new Clear Jelly Stampers that, if you haven't purchased yet, you will LOVE!! 💖💖💖

XL Sparkle Stamper - Snow Globe

We already have the Big Bling and now we have the CjS Sparkle Stamper!!  Of course, the back is wide open for the ultimate view.  After all, we invented the Clear Jelly Stamper so that we can #seewherewestamp.  Included with the Stamper is 1 Sparkle Handle, 1 Clear Jelly Stamper Head, 1 Protective Cap and 1 CjS Scraper! 💖💖💖💖

Short Bling XL Stamper

The Short Bling is all about seeing where you stamp. #seewhereyoustamp. Seeing where you stamp, makes it easier to line up nail art images on the fingernail. The Short Bling is our large clear jumbo stamper designed for people who want full coverage nail art images on the fingernail. But, don’t let that throw you off, this stamper is a great all-around stamper and is appropriate for small or large nail art. This stamper comes with protective caps and is adorned with crystal bling. The end caps protect your stamping head and act as a handy way to hold your stamper upright on your table. The base cap is adorned with bling and contains an extra stamping head. That’s a bonus because you have a backup stamper head and your stamper also looks great on your work surface.

💖 NO MORE GUESSWORK - The Big Bling allows you to see where you stamp so you can accurately place nail art images on your fingernail.

💖 NEED A FUN NEW HOBBY? - Nail art stamping can give you a fun and rewarding hobby. Hobbies can make you feel good and can relieve stress.

💖 CONFIDENCE BOOSTER - displaying your beautiful fingernails can be a real boost to your confidence, and your friends are sure to be very impressed with your creative skills.

💖 GREAT WAY TO SPEND TIME - Nail art stamping is an excellent pastime to share with friends and family, but don’t forget the children in your life, they love playing with nail art. Even elderly people can also benefit from having fun nails to brighten their day.

We are constantly being innovative and creating new products to add to our, already, awesome selection of nail art products. We are also working on getting our products in more locations around the globe to make them quickly accessible to anyone who wants to have some fun creating nail art.

You must also remember that CjS stamping isn't just for nails!! Our layered stamping designs are also great for crafting projects, personalizing items or customizing gifts. We would love to see all of your creations using the Original and Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper(s) & CjS layered stamping plates. Please post your creations on Instagram and be sure to TAG the photo with @clearjellystamper so that we can see them and share them!!  Everyone here at Clear Jelly Stamper wishes you and yours a Happy & Prosperous New Year. Happy Stamping my Friends!!!