Recently I have had some inquiries on what certain products are used for so it gave me the idea to showcase Clear Jelly Stamper's products, how to take care of them & how they function within our system.

Let's begin with our Patented products which are our Original & Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper & our Layered Stamping Plates.

The Original Clear Jelly 'Big Bling' Stamper

Our Clear Jelly Stamper is clear because it allows you to see through the stamper to line up images when you're piecing together our layered stamping images. The jelly in your CjS is very delicate and it needs to be treated with care. They can tear very easily so be gentle with them. This is why pressure when picking up images is very important. If you apply too much pressure, you will not be able to pick up the image you want to stamp as well as possibly tearing your stamper. NEVER wipe your Clear Jelly Stamper with anything! To keep it clean, you can use our sticky pad which I will show you as well. If you do not have our sticky pad, you can also use a lint roller, scotch tape or anything that has a bit of a stick to it. Wiping your jelly on your Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper will make it cloudy and defeat the purpose of being able to see through it.

CjS Scraper

Every Big Bling Stamper comes with a scraper so make sure to remove it before throwing the box away. We also sell them separately in case yours cracks or you lose it. Before using your new scraper, make sure to buff the sides. Reason is, they are machine cut and they have little shards of plastic left behind which could affect the way your polish scrapes off the images. Take a buffing block or a nail file and quickly file all 4 sides.

Patented CjS Layered Stamping Plates
We have 3 sizes of layered stamping plates...Small (6x6cm), Medium (8x8cm) and Large (14.5x9.5cm) We have a very large selection of designs and we are continually growing our inventory.

Our small layered stamping plates are 6x6cm

Our Medium layered stamping plates are 8x8cm

Our Large layered stamping plates 14.5x9.5cm

All of our layered stamping plates come with a picture card that shows what the finished images should look like to make it easier for you to place the pieces of the image in the proper spot. We don't recommend using a metal scraper on our plates because they can get scratched which 'might' ruin the plate. Always clean your plate with our Plate Cleaner (acetone will work in a pinch) to get all of the dried stamping polish out of the images. If you don't, the whole image won't pick up. It's important to store your stamping plates somewhere to keep them protected from getting warped or scratched. 

CjS Small, Medium & Large Plate Holders

Our gorgeous layered stamping plate holders are great for storing all of your plates. They are also very pretty to look at.

Clear Jelly Stamper Sticky Pad

This is an awesome item to have when doing nail stamping. People used to use a lint roller which served the purpose but the problem with that, is it would fall over or roll onto the floor. This Sticky Pad is not only easier to use but it stores well. Each pad has 50 sheets of sticky paper. You can order refill sheets as well. This is the best way to keep your Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper clean at all times. You could say that this is a "must-have".

CjS Nail Stamping Polish

Our stamping polishes are fantastic because of the high pigmentation. Our stamping polishes have 4 times the pigment over our competitors polishes.

CjS Polish Thinner

If you find that your nail stamping polishes are getting a little thick over time, we now have a polish thinner to help with that. Start by using the dropper we include with each bottle and drop 1 drop into the polish. Shake it well and check to see if it's back to the regular consistency. Make sure to only use 1 drop at a time so that you don't make it too thin. Making it too thin will affect the stamping quality and your CjS stamper might not pick it up.

We are always creating and improving our products and our main goal is to make sure our products are user-friendly. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please email us and our support team will get back to you. We are working on expanding our Educator team worldwide so keep on the lookout for a "How to Master Layered Stamping" class near you. They are loads of fun!!

Please be sure to share your creations with us on Social Media and "TAG US" on your pictures so that we are sure to see them and share them. Happy Stamping My Friends!!