Use Valentine Nail Art to Paint the Town Red this Month

Read on to discover our list of some of the hottest Valentine nail art tools and products.
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One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is heading out on the town with your favourite person to enjoy an amazing dinner and succulent dessert while flaunting that adorable Valentine nail art mani. Besides painting your tips with simply sweet, love-inspired designs, you also get to paint the town red while looking absolutely gorgeous. Before stepping out in your best dress, check out some of these fabulous products that’ll help you achieve your best Valentines nail designs yet.


1. Polish, polish, and more polish

Nail polish colours can either make or break your nail art designs. Once you’ve picked out the perfect nail stamping plates, you’ll need to decide on a colour scheme. As you know, some colours should never be seen together, while others compliment each other beautifully. If you’re looking for a stunning set of tips that not only flaunt your design skills but also the upcoming holiday, try incorporating these nail polish hues into your designs.

  • REDy for Anything – This beautiful red hue is the classy classic we love to see in Valentine’s Day nail art. From sexy lips to romantic roses, this red polish is perfect for an evening on the town.
  • KaPink – KaPink is soft, delicate, and incredibly girly. We love this colour for intricate flower designs and for recreating love notes. There’s nothing more romantic than pink coloured fingertips. 
  • Copper Rose – If copper is the new gold, then copper rose is the new red. For edgy and trendy nail art, you need to try this new nail polish. It will take any design to the next level, especially Valentine nail art.
  • Chloe – This nail polish is a mischievous mix of super sweet pink and a little bit of shimmer. For a design that is both sexy and sweet, incorporate this favourite polish into your Valentine’s Day inspired nail art designs.


2. Lovey Dovey Stamping Plates

To create on point nail designs during the month of love, check out some of our favourite stamping plates:

  • Never Ending LoVe! – We love this nail stamping plate for so many reasons. Besides offering up endless Valentine’s Day design ideas, it also provides a variety of stamps that are perfect year round. From speech bubbles full of careless whispers to big bling diamonds, this stamping plate is a must-have addition to your nail art arsenal.
  • Luscious Lips & Love – This plate is like returning to grade school all over again when handmade valentine cards were all the rage. With cute little sayings and a variety of heart designs, this stamping plate has become all that and a bag of chips. 
  • Layers of Love – This stamping plate is beyond romantic. With whimsical flowers and locket-shaped hearts, we can’t get enough of this plate. With a variety of different shaped hearts, you can create any heart nail designs imaginable. 

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