Today I am going to chat about our crème de la crème which is our Layered
Stamping Plates. CjS created this patented product with all levels of DIYers and
nail technicians in mind.  For decades, if you wanted to create fabulous nail art,
you either had to be a natural artist or you had to use water decals or a messy
airbrushing system. With our plates, you can use different colors of stamping polish to create a beautiful picture on the nail.
Our plates are made with a sturdy stainless steel but there are still things to do to take care of them for a long, healthy life. When you receive a new CjS layered stamping plate, there will be 2 layers of blue film on the face of it. This film is for shipping protection and it needs to be removed before using. It's actually kind of fun to peel it off. You could say it's quite satisfying. Once you have removed the blue film, even though you haven't used it yet, you'll want to wipe it with CjS plate cleaner or something similar with a drying agent. Don't use something that contains any oil because that will affect your pick-up. We currently carry 3 sizes of stamping plates. There's Small 6cmx6cm, Medium 8cmx8cm and Large 14.5cmx9.5cm. We have a very large inventory of plates with every possible design, holiday theme, occasion & so on. Just when you think we can't possibly come up with more, WE DO!! If you have an idea for a plate that we don't currently have, you can present your ideas to info@clearjellystamper.com. If your idea is chosen, you will be contacted to do a collaboration and have your business name etched on the plate along with a short bio on yourself that will be advertised on our social media on release day. All of our plates (especially the large ones) have a slight bow to them. When you're stamping, it is important to stamp on a hard, flat surface so that you can push the plate flat before scraping the stamping polish off. If you don't, you may find that you scrape out too much polish and there will be a large void on your image when you pick it up with your Clear Jelly Stamper.
Keep your CjS layered stamping plates clean by wiping them with CjS Plate Cleaner in between colors and before you store it. If you don't use an effective cleaner, the tiny etched areas might not be completely cleaned of polish and that can affect your pick-up the next time you use that image. If you don't have our plate cleaner, use another drying agent like nail polish remover that contains acetone but no oils.
Storing your CjS layered stamping plates is important too. We have a great product that stores your plates perfectly and they look lovely on display as well.  We have books for all 3 sizes of plates. Another option is using a storage box and stacking them like a file index on their sides. Storing them properly will keep them from warping and protect them from getting scratched. Keep in mind that if you see scratches on your plate, they are still fine to use because the Clear Jelly Stamper won't pick those up. I hope this has been helpful with providing care instructions for your CjS layered stamping plates. If  there are specific questions that you have about any of our products, you can email me at education@clearjellystamper.com