🎃Time for Spooky Nails!đŸ‘»

It's that time of year again to decorate your nails with Halloween spookiness. Clear Jelly Stamper has come out with a wide variety of Fall, Falloween and Halloween layered stamping plates that will be sure to please all of the Halloween enthusiasts. Now is the time to plan your Halloween nails going into October.

In this week's Blog, we are going to feature 2 of our new Halloween plates:

CjSH-46 'Spooky Tunes'

CjSH-44 'Wallpaper-Creepy'

Nail #1

This adorable nail was painted with one of KoKo&Claire's new Fall glitter gels which is absolutely stunning! One coat of KoKo&Claire 0238 "L'Amour" and cure. We then stamped 2 mummies...1 using #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' for the body and #1 'More Like 1AM' for the outline. And the other one using #35 'Paula's Pixie Purple' for the body and #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' for the outline. Adorable right?!

Nail #2

In this design, we used 3 of the new Fall KoKo&Claire gel polish glitters 0236 'Taste of Teal', 0237 'Gettin Figgy with It' and 0238 'L'Amour' and painted them into 3 sections and cured. Then using the same ghost image from CjSH-44 'Wallpaper-Creepy' layered stamping plate, we stamped 1 in each section using stamping polishes #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It', #37 'Caribbean Dream' & #3 'All That Glitters' and outlining each of them with #1 'More Like 1AM'.

Nail #3

Nobody dislikes spiders more than I do but Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without these creepy crawlers. The nail was covered with KoKo&Claire gel polish 0238 'L'Amour' and cured.  Then using stamping plate CjSH-44 'Wallpaper-Creepy', we stamped the whole nail with the full nail spider stamp in #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' and overlapping that with the big spider stamp. The big spider was stamped with #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It' once and then again with #1 'More Like 1AM' just a little to the side to give it a 3-dimensional look.

Nail #4

Black cats are a staple in any Halloween design. These mischievous kitties were taken from Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate CjSH-46 'Spooky Tunes'. Before stamping, we covered the nail with KoKo&Claire 0237 'Gettin Figgy With It' and cured it. Then the next step was to stamp the bodies of the kitties with #1 'More Like 1AM'. Secondly, we stamped their teeth with #3 'All That Glitters' and finished them off by stamping the outline with #1 'More Like 1AM'. Puuuuurrrrfect design!

Nail #5

Last but not least, this boo-ti-ful nail was covered with KoKo&Claire 0236 'Taste of Teal' and cured. Then the full ghost pattern was taken from CjSH-44 'Wallpaper-Creepy' and stamped with stamping polish #37 'Caribbean Dream'. The word 'BOO!' was taken from the same layered stamping plate and stamped using polish #2 'Jenny's Gonna Love It'.

The Complete Set

These designs were done with just 2 of the many Halloween stamping plates we have released this year. There are so many options to choose from and endless possibilities for designs.

We would LOVE to see your Spook-tacular layered stamping designs so please TAG us @clearjellystamper on your pictures on Instagram so that we will be sure to see them and share them. Stay safe and Happy Stamping My Friends!!