We focus a lot on nail colour, but how you choose to shape your nails can be just as important. Do you spend a lot of your time typing or playing sports? Do you like your nails long or short? Rounded or square? It’s important that your manicure choices, including nail shape, are practical, functional, and of course, fabulous. So, what shape should you choose?



Sometimes it really is hip to be square. This blunt shape is low maintenance and requires minimal filing and upkeep and it’s great for anyone who prefers a shorter nail length. Take the edge off with a rounded square or squoval shape. It’s a universally flattering shape, no matter what your natural nails look like, and works great with a classic, minimal manicure.



Prefer no edges at all? Then round things out with a round or oval shape. Rounded nails are ideal for anyone looking to make their hands look elegant, clean, and classic. If you’re a fan of all the perks of a round shape, but like a longer length, then oval is for you. As a bonus, round and oval nails can help minimize the look of short and stubby fingers



If you like your nails long, you might be more interested in a ballerina shape (sometimes called coffin nails). This shape is great for acrylic nails and provides plenty of room for intricate nail art designs and bling. Or take it one step further into an almond shape to keep things long and slender.



No matter what shape you love, always use a file that's appropriate for your nail type (natural nails require a much finer file than their acrylic counterparts) and file in the same direction, not back and forth.



What are you waiting for? It’s time to get in shape!