Who said stamping was only meant for nails? Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping images can be used for many different things. You can monogram items like cell phones, pens, eyeglasses, etc. In this week's blog, I have stamped a few different items to show you the diversity of our products.

The layered stamping plates used in these designs are Beach Day! (CjS-159) and Life in Bloom (CjS-97). Original Clear Jelly Stamper nail stamping polishes used are #1 "More Like 1AM", #2 "Jenny's Gonna Love It", #5 "Wild Child", #35 "Paula's Pixie Purple", #37 "Caribbean Dream", #48 "Sparkling Grape" & #65 "Bambina Peach". All of our nail stamping polishes are highly pigmented with 4 times the amount of pigment than competing brands.

Having a wine party with friends? This is a twist on wine charms. Stamping each person's glass to differentiate who it belongs to is a great idea! Maybe you're having a themed party and you want to customize the wine stamps with your theme. I can almost guarantee we have a layered stamping plate to fit any theme. You can make them whatever color scheme you like! Another great party idea is to have everyone bring their own glass to decorate. There are so many book clubs out there. Why not try something new and host a Clear Jelly Stamper party?! Check out our kits or customize your own.

Stamp up your cell phone with any of our great designs. I used "Beach Day" CjS-159 images for these designs. How cute is this plate?

How about putting the CjS logo on your reading glasses? We also have many layered stamping plates with letters of all shapes and sizes so you could monogram anything you want to. I added a matching blue butterfly on the other lense to tie it all in together.

The possibilities with your Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper are literally endless. The images are stamped with stamping polish so it will last longer than if it was acrylic paint but it can scratch off or be removed with nail polish remover. I've had the CjS logo on my glasses for about 6 months.

We want to see what else you have stamped with your CjS products! Post them on Instagram and be sure to list the products you used and "TAG" us in your photo so that we will see and share it. Happy Stamping my friends!