In this week’s blog, we’re going to focus on a design that was posted in a video on Instagram by @nails_bychels. This video has gone viral with over 3 million views. I think that calls for a special congratulations to this wonderful Clear Jelly user!

First step is to always prep the natural nail by lightly buffing off the shine. Wipe the nail free of dust and then apply a quick dry polish or KoKo and Claire gel polish and cure. Clear Jelly Stamps apply best to a smooth surface.

In this design, an ombré look was achieved by painting 3 separate shades of purple in a line on a makeup sponge and pressing it down onto the nail. She first applied “Protect” around the nail on the skin to easily remove the excess. You would use a different method to ombré if you were using gel.

Once you have sponged the polish onto the nail, allow it to dry completely before starting your nail stamping. You can use Clear Jelly’s stamping polishes to achieve this look as well. They’re highly pigmented and dry relatively quickly.

In this design, she applied a light sparkle top coat to mimic a starry sky. It’s simply beautiful!! A great recommendation is to use KoKo and Claire’s #081 Fizz.

The Clear Jelly Stamping plate used in this design is “Creepy Hollow” CJS-H-37.

She stamped the haunted house using CjS stamping polish #01 More Like 1AM.

Then, lining the windows up, she stamped them with #02 Jenny’s Gonna Love It.

Then finish them up with a yellow to complete this design. You can use CjS stamping polish #08 You Are My Sunshine.

And that completes this beautiful mani by @nails_bychels that she has titled “Gradient Graveyard”. If you want to see the video, simply go to our Instagram account @clearjellystamper and check it out. It’s hard not to watch it a few times!!

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween and stay safe from all the little goblins out there. HAPPY HALLOWEEN and happy stamping my friends!